Too Many Christmas Goodies Weighing You Down?

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With some of the more recent seasonal holidays behind us and ­Christmas quickly approaching are you feeling overly “full” like I am? Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn around someone is passing out Christmas cookies or chocolate or bringing in doughnuts or something fattening? Yes, even here in the offices of Mannatech, where we really do attempt to live out the words of wellness that we share with others … even here, you’ll find tempting “junk food.”

In fact, I’m going to share a secret with you. If you ever visit corporate headquarters and you’re hungry, be sure to ask for a tour of the Marketing area. We have a love/hate relationship with what we call our “Magic Food Table.” Several days a week, it never fails, someone brings in food to share (or to get out of their own house). Now, it’s not always kolaches and cupcakes; we also have veggie trays and bowls of fruit salad now and then. And I make a great zucchini bread. But still, the temptation of food and more food can get to be a bit much sometimes.

If you’ve seen my blog posts on, you know I’ve been working on mapping out my own personal wellness journey, and I have been attempting to eat healthier foods lately. Luckily, cupcakes hold no appeal for me, but sometimes I can hear those glazed doughnuts calling my name. Now, I know they are pure sugar and not at all good for me; but I’ve discovered that I’m one of those people who has lots of taste buds, and sweet-tasting foods, especially carbs, really tempt me.

Here’s what I don’t do. I don’t totally deny myself and agonize over the sweets that I crave. I have been learning a lot about portion control and how sometimes just a taste of what I’m craving will satisfy me. So, I’ll have a doughnut hole (or two) rather than a whole doughnut. I’ll take a half of a cookie or a bite of a brownie just to savor the flavor. And then, I’ll avoid the table for a while giving everyone else a chance to clear it off before I come back around. I do understand that taking a small bite rather than eating the whole thing is not easy. At the time, I really do want more. But, in the end, it’s so worth it when everyone else around you is putting on an extra 5 or 10 pounds over the holidays and you are maintaining.

You know what else helps me? GI-ProBalance®. It has been my favorite Mannatech product ever since it came out. Not sure why, but I’ve always had “gut” issues. Almost every day, as soon as I finish lunch, my stomach (or gut) starts rumbling. I take a GI-ProBalance slimstick and soon all is well. It seems to normalize whatever is going on with my digestive process.* I’ve got a box at work, several boxes at home, and some slimsticks in my purse. I take one or two a day. And I feel good knowing that I’m getting both probiotics and prebiotics in one product, and that it’s helping improve the absorption of nutrients I take in, especially when I’m eating the right stuff.*

Anyway, I know the Magic Food Table is not likely to go away anytime soon; and, there will be days when I’m more tempted than others to partake of the treats. Plus, I can do my part to contribute healthier alternatives (like today — I brought in a bag of almonds). But I do think I am getting better at walking away from the treats more often. What about you? If you work in an office like ours, do you resist the goodies? How do you stay on the path to good health?


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