John O’Leary’s Three Powers – Love, Why and More

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If you attended MannaFest 2015, you had the incredible opportunity of hearing John O’Leary’s emotional story of survival. As a child, over 90 percent of his body was burned, and he lived to tell the world about it. If you missed it, he outlined his presentation around three powers: the power of love, the power of why and the power of more.

Through story-telling and humor, he shared his belief that one person can indeed change the world – and that person can and must be you! We’ll dig deeper into these three powers, breaking them down into a series of posts. We hope these will strike a chord in your life and your business, and help you create a life of significance.



The Power of Love

Are you motivated by fear or love? Fear can be tempting, as we’ve all made mistakes in life. In O’Leary’s words, “We trip forward in life. It’s what we don’t see coming at us that brings us down.” John was in the garage when the flames launched him 20 feet into the air. He walked into the house on fire — his older brother was the only one at home.

John recalls that his older brother was oftentimes selfish and someone who used words to hurt. At first his older brother was hesitant to do anything when he saw John on fire. But after a short while, he recommitted himself, picked up a rug to swing, and ended up saving his younger brother, despite being burned himself in the process. Love conquered fear in this scenario. And we learn that words matter much less than our actions.

When John’s mother first saw John in the hospital with no skin and death close at hand, she bravely told him he must decide life or death. She told him he must take the hand of God and fight like he’s never fought before. Love will overcome fear every time.

Mannatech’s way is love.

We all experienced it at this year’s MannaFest conference. We felt the passion, we shared personal stories and we recognized the successful achievements of fellow peers.

On the other hand, we’re all fighting something, whether it’s getting past “no” from a customer or struggling with limiting thoughts. What is your fight, and how are you going to choose to overcome?

John O’Leary’s solution

Don’t let your fear get the best of you. Instead, stand tall and say, “I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

See yourself and the world differently. Challenges can be destructive, as was the case with O’Leary, but they can also inspire change. Choose to see yourself and your business through the lens of possibility, and with a certainty that the best is yet to come.

Fear conforms. Love transforms.

Apply love in business and you’ll find the freedom to share your knowledge without reserve. Embracing love, not fear, will enable you to work on behalf of your customers, instead of simply for them. A compassionate heart will allow you to empower others.

Take action today! Here are some ways to leverage the power of love.

  • Greet everyone you meet today with a silent “I love you.”
  • Slow down and notice what energy your are projecting.
  • Really listen when someone strikes up a conversation.
  • Let go of personal judgment and impatience.
  • Write a note of appreciation to someone.
  • Offer a simple smile to a stranger.
  • Be patient.
  • Serve.

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