The M5M℠ Foundation donates first gift to Kenya

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On March 5, 2015, a group from Oasis Ministries in Farmington, N.M. went on a mission trip to Kenya’s Kids Home for Street Children near Nairobi, Kenya. After hearing about the horrible conditions street children face daily, Mannatech decided to make a donation to the children’s home through the M5M℠ Foundation, which sent NutriVerus™ powder and MannaBears™ gummies to the facility. The director of the home expressed sincere gratitude for the generous gift and thanked Oasis Ministries for taking the time to deliver it in person.

This gift marks the first donation made by the M5M Foundation, which officially launched in January of this year. The M5M Foundation was established as an independent non-profit organization to better facilitate and expand Mannatech’s efforts to combat the epidemic of childhood malnutrition on a global scale.

The M5M Foundation anticipates additional trips later this year to deliver donations of Mannatech’s PhytoBlend™ powder to children in need by relief organizations around the world.

About Kenya’s Kids Home for Street Children

When Kenya’s Kids Home for Street Children was built, there were 350,000 street children living on the streets of Kenya. These children are left orphaned because their parents have died of AIDS, Typhoid or Malaria. The Kids Home takes these children off the streets (three to five per week) and rehabilitates them.

Kenya’s Kids Home for Street Children has rescued more than 500 children thus far and has a 96 percent success rate. The facility is made up of seven buildings and is maintained by 17 staff members. Most of the children come from local street children ministries from all across the country. They now have more than 140 former street children who have grown and moved on — some are serving in the military, many have jobs, four are in the university, 12 lead worship services in local churches and eight are studying for the ministry.

There are 76 children presently in the facility. They have 10 group homes where rehabilitated street children live in a family setting until they become adults. Each home accommodates 12 children.

To learn more about the M5M Foundation, please visit their Facebook page here.

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  • Sherry Elkins

    Thank you M5M for making a difference in the lives of these children!! So grateful for all that you do.