Ambrotose + OSP Bundled Savings!

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Whichever bundle you choose, you can rest assured knowing you are giving your body the best quality supplements money can buy.

One of the biggest lessons from 2020 is that quality still matters. An ever-increasing number of health-minded consumers are willing to pay for quality dietary supplements which they know  are going to make a difference in their lives, while providing value.

Mannatech’s products make a difference and continue to be offered at a great value.

The year 2020 brought with it a wave of unprecedented change to almost every company in the form of increased transporting and sourcing costs—our company included.

Ambrotose + OSP Bundles – Still a GREAT Value

This resulted in a $10 increase to our Ambrotose + OSP bundles, which we announced a few weeks ago. What we failed to communicate was the following: these bundles are still a great value for you, as well as everyone you share them with!

  • Ambrotose® is more than just a vitamin or mineral. Mannatech has invested millions of dollars into research and validation in developing Ambrotose products, which include our exclusive Manapol® powder—the highest grade, 100% pure aloe ingredient on the planet.
  • Optimal Support Packets (OSP) takes the guess work out of what to take and when to take it. Our pre-packaged packets of the three classic favorites, Catalyst™ Multivitamin, Ambrotose AO® and PLUS™ provide a daily serving of nutrients for optimal health and longevity.*

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Whichever bundle you choose, you can rest assured knowing you are giving your body the best quality supplements money can buy.

  • Ambrotose LIFE® (canister) with OSP – $209.99 (27% Discount) Item #89301
  • Ambrotose® Complex 100g (canister) with OSP –$209.99 (23% Discount) Item #56901
  • Ambrotose LIFE slimsticks with OSP – New Price $224.99 – (29% Discount) Item #89401

醣质营养素 + 美泰 OSP 健康营养包优惠套组!


2020 年,我们最大的焦点始终是要以品质为先。消费者越来越注重健康,愿意购买高品质膳食营养品的消费群体也空前增多,他们深知营养品不仅能带来价值,还能改变自己的生活。


2020 年,几乎所有企业都史无前例地面临运输和采购成本上涨的难题,美泰也不例外。

醣质营养素 + 美泰 OSP 健康营养包套组 超值精选

受采购和运输成本影响,几周前,美泰宣布醣质营养素 + 美泰 OSP 健康营养包套组售价提高 10 美元。如果当时没有强调以下的信息,那么现在我们重申:该套组仍然是您和分享伙伴值得拥有的超值精选!

  • 醣质营养素不只提供维生素和矿物质。美泰在研发和验证醣质营养素产品的功效方面已经投入了数百万美元,我们独家推出的美泰醣质芦荟萃取粉采用了世界上等级最高的 100% 纯芦荟。
  • 美泰 OSP 健康营养包充分考虑了您的营养需求和服用时间,预先分装搭配三款备受喜爱的经典营养品:Catalyst ™复合维生素、美泰醣质抗氧化胶囊和美泰草本氨基酸片,为您保持最佳健康状态、延年益寿提供每日所需的营养素份额。*

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  • 新生代醣质营养素(罐装) + 美泰 OSP 健康营养包 – 售价99 美元(27% 折扣) – 货号 89301
  • 加强型醣质营养素(100g 罐装) + 美泰 OSP 健康营养包 – 售价99 美元(23% 折扣) – 货号 56901
  • 新生代醣质营养素(便利袋装) + 美泰 OSP 健康营养包 – 最新价格99 美元(29% 折扣) – 货号 89401