Big News about Ambrotose® Complex!

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You’re already a fan of Mannatech’s classic Ambrotose® Complex (100 g) (37111) for its digestive and cognitive support, and now there is one more reason to love it.* As you know, for years Ambrotose Complex has contained Glucosamine sourced from shellfish, making it non-vegetarian. Now by popular demand, Mannatech offers the same impressive Ambrotose Complex formula, but now it’s vegan!

This latest formulation contains Glucosamine sourced using a fermentation process from non-GMO plants. The result is an even better formula for you and your family.

Scientific studies show that Ambrotose Complex:

  • Helps support proper digestive system function.
  • Promotes gastrointestinal health.
  • May enhance recall and recognition memory.
  • May improve mood and decrease irritability.
  • Supports important cell-to-cell communication through a blend of specific plant saccharides called Glyconutrients.

Ambrotose Complex is now better than ever!


美泰经典型醣质营养素(100 g)(37111)因其消化和认知辅助功能而让您爱不释手,现在,您又多了一条喜欢它的理由了。*如您所知,多年来,我们的经典型醣质营养素中的葡萄醣胺一直都提取自贝类,因此不适合素食主义者。现在,应广大客户的要求,美泰将为大家提供同等优质,但适合严格素食者的经典型醣质营养素



  • 有助于消化系统正常运行。
  • 有助于肠胃健康。
  • 可增强记忆力和辨识力。
  • 可调节心情,缓解焦躁情绪。
  • 被称为醣质营养素的特殊植物糖类混合物促进细胞之间的沟通。