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2021 Virtual MannaFest






Welcome to MannaFest 2022!

Hear from Associate and Corporate Leaders, participate in action-based training, incentive updates, and much more to keep you empowered for success! Make sure you have your phones ready for action-packed sessions, invite your prospects to the event, and share pictures of you and your teams watching the event on Social Media.















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The links below will go LIVE Friday, September 23 at 5:30PM CDT.

The links below will go LIVE on Saturday, January 15 at 9:30am CST.

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Marina Worre

Co-Founder & CEO of Network Marketing Pro

Simon T. Bailey

Motivational Speaker

Field Speakers

Ray Robbins

3-Star Platinum Presidential Director – US

Julia Zhu & Tony Bao

3-Star Platinum Presidential Directors – CA

Hanson Ma & Carol Geng

2-Star Platinum Presidential Directors – CA

Kevin Robbins

Silver Presidential Director – US

Corporate Speakers

Stan Fredrick

Chairman of the Board

Al Bala

CEO and President

Landen Fredrick

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Dr. Steve Nugent

Chief Science and Health Officer

Chris Simons

Regional President, EMEAA

Ben Mayo

Vice President, Marketing

Patty Anthe

Vice President, North America Sales Director

Tim Altvater

North America Sales Director

Sarah Louthan

Director, M5M Foundation

Masters of Ceremonies

Olga Zamudio

Ethnic Markets, Sales Director

Kevin Robbins

Silver Presidential Director and Million Dollar Club earner – US

Tim Altvater

US National Sales Director


Agenda coming soon. Please check back.

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