Mannatech Made Simple

Welcome to Mannatech Made Simple

This half-day Mannatech Made Simple virtual event not only helped you define the essential actionable steps you must take to impact your business each day, it helped bring clarity to where you want to take your business going forward.


Field Speakers

Luciano Fidalgo

Gold Presidential Director

Merri-jo Hillaker

Silver Presidential Director

Ron and Paulette Roy

Silver Presidential Directors

Mary Erb

Presidential Director

Carey Fumerton

Presidential Director

YuYin Li

Gold Executive Director

Loredana Zinca

Executive Director

Corporate Speakers

Al Bala

CEO and President

Landen Fredrick

Chief Sales and Global Marketing Officer

Ben Mayo

Vice President Marketing

Patty Anthe

Vice President Customer Experience

Sona van der Hoop

Sr. Director, Business Development

Tim Altvater

Director of Sales

Sarah Bowen-Louthan

Director, M5M Foundation

Ashly Torian

Speaker, Author and Mindset Coach


Two “Action Sessions” – Get step-by-step Instruction and learn the blueprint other Associates are using to maximize the Makeover Money Incentive.

Create a Marketing Plan to help you get clear on how to have your best 4th quarter ever.

Personal Development Segment – Learn the high-leverage activities field leaders are using to build their dream boards.

Customer to Associate Conversion Training – It’s no secret that customers make the best Associates, and we’ll show you how to successfully transition your customers into business-building Associates.

Onboarding Tips – Learn from field leaders how to utilize Mannatech’s new onboarding program to help maximize success and retention in your business.

Prizes to be Awarded – Come interact with us and receive some fun gifts.

Our full Agenda for Mannatech Made Simple is too large to display on mobile. Please visit on a tablet, laptop or desktop.

Session 1


10:00 AM 10:10 AM 0:10 Sales Director, Tim Altvater  Opening 
10:10 AM 10:20 AM 0:10 CEO and President, Al Bala  CEO and President, Al Bala 
10:20 AM 10:27 AM 0:07 Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Landen Fredrick Landen Fredrick, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
10:27 AM 10:43 AM 0:16 Sr. Director, Business Development, Sona van der Hoop Mindset for the day, come from a beginners mind
10:43 AM 11:03 AM 0:20 Sales Director, Tim Altvater with Presidential Director, Mary Erb Customer Acquisition Segment
11:03 AM 11:08 AM 0:05 Sr. Director, Business Development, Sona van der Hoop   Customer Acquisition
11:08 AM 11:18 AM 0:10 Presidential Director, Carey Fumerton Customer Acquisition
11:18 AM 11:28 AM 0:10 Executive Director,  Loredana Millar Zinca Attracting Customers through non-Mannatech Websites
11:28 AM 11:33 AM 0:05 Sales Director, Tim Altvater   Customer Acquisition Action Session 
11:33 AM 12:05 PM 0:32 Lunch Break Break 

 Session 2


12:05 PM 12:10 PM 0:05 Sr. Director, Business Development Sona van der Hoop Welcome Back
12:10 PM 12:30 PM 0:20 Sr. Director, Business Development Sona van der Hoop Action Session with Silver Presidential Director, Merri-jo Hillaker, and Gold Presidential Director, Luciano Fidalgo 
12:30 PM 12:35 PM 0:05 Vice President, Marketing Ben Mayo Onboarding Update
12:35 PM 12:45 PM 0:10 Gold Presidential Director, Luciano Fidalgo, and
Silver Presidential Director, Merri-jo Hillaker
Onboarding site. What do you do when you have a business builder interested?
12:45 PM 12:50 PM 0:05 Sales Director, Tim Altvater  Action Session with Silver Presidential Director, Merri-jo Hillaker, and Gold Presidential Director, Luciano Fidalgo 
12:50 PM 12:55 PM 0:05 Sales Director, Tim Altvater  Using Mannatech tools to drive success 
12:55 PM 1:05 PM 0:10 Silver Presidential Director, Two-time Costa Rica Incentive Earners, Achievers Club Top Level Earners, and
Top Customer Enroller 2019, Ron and Paulette Roy
They will share how to used incentives to drive their business and get their team engaged
1:05 PM 1:18 PM 0:13 Gold Executive Director, YuYin Li – Top Point Earner  Why the incentive meant so much to her and what she did to earn the Costa Rica incentive
1:18 PM 1:28 PM 0:10 Speaker, Author and Mindset Coach, Ashly Torian Using NewYou90 to enroll new Customers and Associates
1:28 PM 1:33 PM 0:05 Director, M5M Foundation, Sarah Bowen Louthan  M5M Update
1:33 PM 1:48 PM 0:15 Sales Director, Tim Altvater  Action Session  
1:48 PM 2:08 PM 0:20 Sales Director, Tim Altvater   Recognition – Mannatech Makeover Challenge Gift Card Earners and 4th Quarter Challenge 

Details are subject to change. Please check back for updates.