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Welcome to MOMENTUM 2022!

This four-hour event will be jammed packed! We are excited to announce Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Michelle McLean, as our Event Host and Keynote Speaker, Simon T. Bailey. Our lineup will include CEO and President, Al Bala, as well as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Landen Fredrick, sharing the 2022 Mannatech Vision and Challenge! Kristen Knight, Marketing Strategist, will share product and brand story updates. Plus, there will be training from top field leaders, recognition and you will find out the location of our 2022 Incentive trip.







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Michelle McLean

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Simon T. Bailey

Motivational Speaker

Field Speakers

May Yin & David Lee

1-Star Platinum Presidential Directors – CA

Germain Vaca Rodriquez

Platinum Presidential Director – MX

Li Liu

Platinum Presidential Director – CA

Wang Yan

Platinum Presidential Director – CA

Luciano Fidalgo

Gold Presidential Director – US

Daisy Hou & Simon Dai

Gold Presidential Directors – CA

Ron & Paulette Roy

Gold Presidential Directors – US

Chenjie Gosse

Silver Presidential Director – CA

Joan & Rachael Mallory

Silver Executive Directors – CA

JoEllen Hooper

Silver Presidential Director – US

Kevin Robbins

Silver Presidential Director – US

Malnam Joo

Bronze Presidential Director – CA

Shelley Xie & Richard Wang

Bronze Presidential Directors – CA

Judy Quick & Charlie Belt

Presidential Directors – US

Yu Yin LI

Presidential Director – CA

Kristi Kozel

Gold Executive Director – CA

Xue (Belle) Zhao

Gold Executive Director – CA

George Song

Gold Executive Director – CA

Linh Tran

Silver Executive Director – US

Corporate Speakers

Stan Fredrick

Chairman of the Board

Al Bala

CEO and President

Landen Fredrick

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Dr. Steve Nugent

Chief Science and Health Officer

Chris Simons

Regional President, EMEAA

Kristen Knight

Marketing Strategist

Patty Anthe

Vice President, Customer Experience

Sona van der Hoop

Sr. Director, North America Sales

Tim Altvater

US National Sales Director

Vida Achundsada

Canadian Operations Manager

Masters of Ceremonies

Sona van der Hoop

Sr. Director, North America Sales

Tim Altvater

US National Sales Director

Kevin Robbins

Silver Presidential Director and Million Dollar Club earner – US

Olga Zamudio

Ethnic Markets, Sales Director

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General Session

Saturday, January 15

Start Time CST Speaker Topic
9:45 AM Countdown to Kick-off Countdown to Kick-off
9:48 AM Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Michelle McLean Welcome everyone to the new year
9:58 AM  1 Star Presidential Director’s May Yin and David Lee The Adventure and Fun Team – Their journey to 1-Star Platinum Presidential Directors.
10:06 AM CEO and President, Al Bala, & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Landen Fredrick Mannatech’s inflection point – The time is NOW.
10:16 AM Marketing Strategist, Kristen Knight  The great convergence- Market trends, new brand story, product pillars and how to broaden your team.
10:31 AM Chief Science and Health Officer Dr. Nugent The Science Behind our Products
10:51 AM Sales Director, Tim Altvater 2022 Recruiting Platform for the Future
11:03 AM Gold Presidential Director, Daisy Hu It takes Guts!
11:06 AM Gold Executive Director, Xue Zhao Gut Health  – Why everyone with a Gut needs Mannatech.
11:09 AM Sr. Director North America Sales Director, Sona van der Hoop Mighty Bears Launch
11:11 AM Canadian Operations Manager, Vida Achundsada How Mighty Bears takes the mom guilt away.
11:15 AM Chief Science and Health Officer Dr. Nugent The Science and benefits of MightyBears
11:20 AM Silver Presidential Director, Chenjie Gosse, Silver Executive Director Krisi Kozel How to position the perfect Healthy snack.
11:29 AM Gold Presidential Directors Ron & Paulette Roy From Homeless to Gold Presidential Directors.
11:32 AM Presidential Director’s Judy Quick & Charlie Belt Hard work and commitment pays off.
11:35 AM Break Break
11:50 AM Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Michelle McLean Welcome Back
12:10 PM Platinum Presidential Director’s Germain Vaca Rodriquez Wanting More – The why that drove Germain to becoming the first Latin American Platinum Presidential.
12:12 PM Bronze Presidential Director’s Shelley Xie and Richard Wang Success story
12:20 PM Gold Executive Director, George Song Mannatech – A great business for young entrepreneurs
12:25 PM Sr. Director North America Sales Director, Sona van der Hoop Mannatech – Positioned for success
12:30 PM Motivational Speaker, Simon T. Bailey You are the Spark
12:50 PM Chairman of the Board & Author, Stan Fredrick Never Ever Give Up – Life and Lessons
1:30 PM Platinum Presidential Director Yan Wang Success story
1:33 PM Li Liu Platinum Presidential Director (CA) Go Global! Tips to expand your business internationally.
1:41 PM Regional President EMEAA Chris Simons European Market Expansion – How and why to make this a priority in your business.
1:46 PM Silver Presidential Director JoEllen Hooper Maximizing the EU NFR Expansion – 90 day action plan
2:01 PM Director M5M Sarah Louthan M5M – Our 2022 Vision
2:11 PM M5M M5M Community Outreach Day in Costa Rica
2:13 PM Presidential Director, Yu Yin Li Learn what Yu Yin did to be a 2020 Costa Rica top point earner
2:16 PM Speaker, Author, Mindset Coach, Ashly Torian Be inspired – TruHealth Challenge winners announced and honored
2:21 PM Sr. Director North America, Sona van der Hoop Celebrate – Hawaii Top Point Earners Announced and Honored
2:22 PM Bronze Presidential Director, Malnam Joo Tips from the Top!
2:27 PM Silver Executive, Linh Tran Road to Hawaii – First Time Achiever
2:30 PM Silver Executive Director’s Joan & Rachael Mallory Mom & daughter team – Sharing their dream.
2:33 PM Vice President Customer Experience, Patty Anthe and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Landen Fredrick Where will we be in 2023?
2:38 PM Gold Presidential Director, Luciano Fidalgo, and Silver Presidential Director, Kevin Robbins What’s next? 60 – 90 Day Action Plan
2:43 PM Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Michelle McLean Final Thoughts

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