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Sometimes people just get the wrong impression.

And sometimes, you have to politely show them where they’re mistaken in their impression.

Over the past year, some people have had the wrong impression about the direct sales industry, and they’ve shared their opinions enough and on a large enough platform that it requires those of us who know better to help correct that perception and share all the things we love and know about the business model that means so much to us all.

As you may already be aware, some in the investor community this past year have made accusations about some of the larger companies in the Direct Selling Association that simply aren’t accurate. Lobbyists, government agencies and media have all been involved to varying degrees. And while most of the efforts are focused on a single company, these efforts have the potential to apply to all direct sales companies by association.

The good news is we can do something about it. YOU can do something about it, and it will only take a few minutes to do.

How the Direct Selling Association Works

The Direct Selling Association is the trade association that protects, polices, and promotes the direct selling industry. The DSA is a self-regulating body, meaning that member companies agree to abide by a strict code of ethics, and collectively police members who fail to comply with these standards. Mannatech is a very active member of the Direct Selling Association.

To help lawmakers better understand the tremendous benefits of direct selling and the code of ethics we follow, Mannatech was part of a group of companies that sent Associates to Washington, D.C. in October to lobby members of Congress. Mannatech sent its Vice Chairman of the NAAC, Phil Peters, to represent us.

While the group was in Washington, D.C., each of these Independent Associates met with staff from their state’s Congressional delegation and, in some cases, they met directly with their Member of Congress to tell their story of how direct selling has been a blessing in their lives. They also signed a proclamation pledging what the DSA has always done — that as members we will market the direct selling opportunity with the highest degree of business ethics and service to consumers.

Here’s What You Can Do … Right Now!

Our goal as an industry is to send this proclamation to members of Congress and the federal regulatory agencies with more than 100,000 signatures this summer.

So we’re asking each of you to stand by Phil Peters, all of Mannatech, and everyone who participates in this great profession of direct sales, and come together to protect what we all so passionately cherish. You can add your names to Phil’s and many others who have gone to Washington to lobby on your behalf and to add your name with theirs to the DSA proclamation.

Go to, read the proclamation, and please complete the information. This will effectively (and efficiently) add your name to the proclamation. There’s an optional box to add your story. This should take you no more than five minutes, but it can have a monumental effect on the future on our industry.

Help us send a message to Congress and to federal regulatory agencies that direct selling is an industry that benefits millions of Americans, and the world — and each of you and your teams are proof of that.

Sign the Proclamation

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