Double the Great News – OSP Back in Stock & Temporary Options (Optimal LIFE Bundles) Become Permanent Offerings

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Great news! Optimal Support Packets (item #54601) are NOW BACK in stock! Order yours today!

Even more great news! Thanks to your overwhelming response to the new Optimal LIFE Bundles (item #57301 & #55801) we are delighted to announce they will become permanent items — we just need a little time to prepare for this change. Due to the high demand these bundles had on our inventory and the ongoing logistical impact of Covid-19, we need to wait until we receive our next shipment to make this transaction. We are doing all that we can to expedite this process!

What does this mean for you?

  • If you currently have either set up on your Monthly Subscription (Automatic Order), you will continue to receive them with no change.
  • If you DO NOT currently have them on your Subscription order, there will be a temporary period, starting Friday August 27th, where these two bundles will be turned off and will NOT be available for One-time or new Subscription orders.

Optimal LIFE Bundle Item # 57301 Offers: 1 PLUS, 1 Nutriverus, 1 AO and 1 Ambrotose LIFE 100g

Optimal LIFE Bundle Item # 55801 Offers: 1 PLUS, 1 Nutriverus, 1 AO and 1 Ambrotose Complex 100g

Please stay tuned for more information!

As always, we are here to offer our help and support. If you have any questions, contact Customer Care at 800-281-4469.

To Your Success,

Your Mannatech Team