Fall 2019 Transformation Challenge Winners

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First Place Winner Earns $1,000

Susan’s Story

My initial goal was to feel like myself again. I wanted to go back to being the healthy, energetic Mom our children knew when they were young ─ the Mom who did not raise them on junk food, nor consume it myself. Somewhere along the way, I got lost.

Lost in caring for an ill parent…

Lost in working through losing my Mom …

Lost in working to help pay bills and tuition …

Lost in working 75 hours per week for a job for a while …

I had become a person who fed her emotions, who ate some of the right things and some of the wrong things because I was running myself very low on sleep for far too long.

“I wanted to go back to being the healthy, energetic Mom our children knew when they were young.” Sue Pettengill

Susan lost 12 inches and 18 pounds of body fat in just 3 months. She did it, so can you!*


I’m happy to say that I feel like myself again!” Susan P.

Earlier this year, I stopped working long hours and cut back to part-time work. It took me months to recover from lack of sleep . When this challenge began in September, I was ready. Ready to become me again.

I’ve been quietly and steadily changing my eating back to healthy, allowing myself the much-needed sleep, and I am happy to say that I feel like myself again.

Happy Couple Ties for Second Place and Wins $1500!

Sue’s Story

When I told my husband, Andy, I was committed to going on the Transformation Challenge, he was laughing his head off and said I was never going to make it. By then I was not too convinced this program was going to work, but I told my husband, ”Hey let’s give it a try.”

I decided to join the Transformation Challenge in September because I wanted to:

  • Achieve a flat stomach,
  • Look younger,
  • Give a 20th Anniversary gift to my husband,
  • And most of all I hoped I could put on a bikini for my Costa Rica trip in February 2020!

Thanks to Andy’s support, I began the diet knowing my biggest challenge was love for food and sweets. If someone told me about a really great restaurant, I would not hesitate to drive an hour just to try it.

I followed the TruHealth™ plan and am closer to my bikini dream!^ I am happy with my results.” Hsuch Uni Lam

In the first few weeks, I managed to avoid eating noodles, bread, rice and desserts. Occasionally, I went to buffets and enjoyed myself. Rather put a lot of pressure on myself, I like to eat what I want to eat.

I followed the TruHealth plan and I lost 13 LBS!* Overall, I lost 15 inches of fat and I am closer to my bikini dream!* But this is not the end. I still have 2 months to go and I am sure I will wear the size I was at 22 years old. The key to my success is discipline, as it allows me to look younger, healthier and be more self-confident and rock a new look!

“I feel this is my new chapter!” Sue L.

Andy’s Story

It was my wife, Sue Lam, who influenced me to support her in the Transformation Challenge.

At the time, I did not see myself as an overweight person, nor did I believe it was necessary to focus on belly fat. My wife persisted to educate me that the TruHealth program would do more than address body fat ─ the plan would reduce visceral fat and improve our health substantially more.^

It was important for me to support my wife in her quest to lose fat with the 90 Day Transformation Challenge. My personal belief in the products was weak, however I learned how to follow the product guidelines, how to cook and eat these meals daily, and to my surprise, the results were impressive. I had more success than I’d expected and my stomach is flatter.

“I am now happier than ever due to my recent weight loss. I enjoyed the experience of buying new clothes because I dropped a size.” Andy Tsui^

TruHealth helped me change my eating habits. It turns out to be a great change with new vitamins, minerals and fiber. Overall, it feels great to have my life back.

I enjoyed the experience of buying new clothes because I dropped a size. My wife busted out in laughter, seeing that my pants were worn so low, like that new fashion statement when kids show their underwear. Thanks to her influence, my waist dropped 7cm.* I’m down 11 pounds, and my hips measure 5 cm less. My body age is lower by 3 years and I lost 2 cm of visceral fat.*

Thank you for showing me the better way to live. I am now happier than ever, due to my recent weight loss.*

“Overall, it feels great to have my life back.” Andy T.

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*Always consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new diet or program. Food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

^ When combined with a proper diet and exercise.

2019 年秋季转型挑战赛优胜者

第一名赢得 1000 美元的奖励






迷失在一段时间里每周工作 75 个小时……


苏·佩滕吉尔 (Sue Pettengill)

苏珊在短短三个月内就减掉了 12 英寸的体围、18 磅的体脂。她做到了,你也可以!*


“我能很高兴地说,我感觉我又做回了自己!”苏珊·佩 (Susan P.)



Happy Couple Ties for Second Place and Wins $1500!

幸福夫妇并列第二,赢得 1500 美元奖励!



我决定参加 9 月份的转型挑战赛,因为我想要:

  • 拥有平坦的小腹,
  • 看起来更年轻,
  • 给我的丈夫一份结婚 20 周年纪念礼物,
  • 最重要的是,我希望自己能在 2020 年 2 月的哥斯达黎加之行中穿上比基尼!


我遵循的是 TruHealth™ 减脂计划,现在的我比任何时候都更接近我的比基尼梦!^ 我对我的结果很满意。”许玉林 (Hsuch Uni Lam)


我对我的结果很满意。我遵循了 TruHealth 减脂计划并成功减重 13 磅!* 我一共减掉了 15 英寸的体围,我感到比任何时候都更接近我的比基尼梦!* 但这并不是终点。我还有两个月的时间,我相信我能重回 22 岁的身材,穿上漂亮的比基尼。我成功的关键在于自律。因为自律,我变得更年轻、更健康、更自信了,而且整个人看起来焕然一新!


“我觉得这是我人生的新篇章!”苏·林 (Sue L.)



当时,我并不认为自己体重超标,也不觉得有关心腹部脂肪的必要。我的妻子坚持教育我说,TruHealth 减脂计划不仅能解决体脂问题,还能减少内脏脂肪,大大改善我们的健康状况。^

对我来说,支持我的妻子通过 90 天转型挑战赛完成她的减重目标是一件很重要的事。我个人对产品没有那么大的信心,但我学会了如何遵循产品指南,如何烹饪和每天摄入这些食物。令我惊讶的是,这套减脂计划的效果非常显著。我比预期的要成功得多,我的腹部变得更加平坦了。

“因为最近成功减肥,我感到比以往任何时候都要快乐。我很享受买新衣服的过程,因为我可以穿小一号的衣服了。”安迪·徐 (Andy Tsui)^ 结合适当的饮食和锻炼。

TruHealth 减脂套组帮助我改变了饮食习惯。事实证明,摄入新的维生素、矿物质和纤维可以带来巨大改变。总的来说,恢复正常生活的感觉真好。

我很享受买新衣服的过程,因为我可以穿小一号的衣服了。看到我的裤子挂得那么低,就好像孩子们走漏内裤边的时尚一样,我的妻子忍不住笑了出来。在她的影响下,我的腰围减少了 7 厘米,* 体重减掉了 11 磅,臀围也减少了 5 厘米。我的身体年龄降低了 3 岁,并且我减掉了 2cm 的内脏脂肪。*


“总的来说,恢复正常生活的感觉真好。”安迪·徐 (Andy T.)

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^ 结合适当的饮食和锻炼。