Important Announcement Regarding Your Monthly Subscription

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GI-ProBalance® Has Been Discontinued in Canada, Available Via NFR Only

Thank you for your ongoing business with Mannatech. We wanted to make you aware that we have depleted the inventory of the current Canadian GI-ProBalance. However, the reformulated product is always available for purchase via NFR.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, but please know that we are working hard to have the new updated formula introduced into Canada as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there has been a delay due to new requirements for stability testing, and at this point the timing for approval is still undetermined. We are aware this impacts a few bundle options as well, and are looking at replacement options that will be sent to you shortly.

Please Take Action Today and Update Your Monthly Subscription Order

Visit or contact Customer Care at one of the phone numbers below to update your account. As reminder, once you update your Monthly Subscription Order, please make sure your monthly qualification volumes are not impacted.

  • English (866) 717-2175
  • Chinese (866) 266-9812


GI-ProBalance® 美泰益生菌在加拿大停售,仅可通过 NFR方式获得

感谢您与美泰持续开展业务。望您知悉,我们当前加拿大 GI-ProBalance美泰益生菌的库存已经告罄。但是,新配方的产品始终可以通过 NFR方式购买。




请访问 或通过以下电话号码之一联系客户服务以更新您的帐户。友情提醒,一旦您更新了您的每月自动订单,请确保您的月度合格积分不会受影响。

  • 英语 (866) 717-2175
  • 中文 (866) 266-9812