Introducing Manapol Win-Win Bonus Event

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What could be better than supporting your body’s immune function with the purest Acemannan available with Manapol®? When you receive a FREE box of GI-ProBalance® Slimsticks when you purchase Manapol!

Support Your Immune System and Your Gut*

That’s why we call it the Manapol Win-Win Bonus Event because you win with both immune support and gut health—in one power-packed bundle.*

It’s no secret that your immunity begins in the gut, and that’s why a healthy combination of prebiotic and probiotics work to support your digestive system. Each tasty and convenient GI-ProBalance Slimstick is formulated to support the natural balance of good bacteria for your microbiome.*

Get a box of GI-ProBalance® Slimsticks for FREE when you buy Manapol!

  • Item Number: 75801
  • Retail: $321.99; Associate $229.99; PV 230
  • Promotion dates: January 27 – March 5 (or while supplies last)
  • One Time Orders only
  • Cannot be purchased using Loyalty Points
  • This special promotion is not subject to Mannatech’s Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • All sales final. No returns or exchanges.

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  • 不得在美国/加拿大转售
  • 货号:75801
  • 零售价:$321.99;经销商价格 $229.99;PV 230
  • 促销时间:1 月 27 日 – 3 月 5 日(或售罄为止)
  • 仅限一次性订单
  • 不可使用忠诚积分购买
  • 本次特惠促销活动不受美泰满意度保证约束。
  • 所有销售均为最终销售,一经售出恕不退款或换货。