M5M & Inspira Guate Help Children Reach Normal Weight

Mannatech M5M PhytoBlend

Children in Guatemala drink atol with PhytoBlend.

M5M Partner, Inspira Guate, has started giving food to children at a new school through their outreach in Guatemala. The brand-new location is in the Jocotán area, nicknamed “The Dry Area.”

In Guatemala, chronic childhood malnutrition is a serious problem that affects 49% of children in the poorest regions of the country. The dry climate and lack of water in the Jocotán area makes growing vegetation and nourishing people even more difficult, but Inspira Guate’s nutrition project has made a positive impact.

Children were given atol (a cornflour drink) with PhytoBlend, M5M’s nutritional supplement, and the changes in the children have been undeniable. Now, 50% of the children enrolled in this project are at a normal weight, and the supplement has truly affected their quality of life. With proper nutrition, the children are more active and engaged in learning activities, and some have even experienced a noticeable benefit in their immune system.

Additional highlights from Inspira Guate’s efforts in 2018 include:

  • 3 days of deworming in 13 communities
  • New members were trained to prepare the atol (cornflour drink) for the children
  • A total of 173 children reached an adequate weight

We at M5M are so grateful to have even a small role in impacting these children.