Introducing a New Champion Core Pack!

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Starting BP5, we are launching a new Champion Core Pack which provides a more diverse sampling of Mannatech’s popular products. As a result, the Champion Advanced Ambrotose® Pack ($599 price level) will be going away. We are also making some changes to our Champion Ūth Rejuvenation Crème Packs and our Basic Ūth Skin Care Pack.

The Champion Core Pack includes our top-selling products and most popular targeted solutions. You’ll receive six total products at an amazing one-time price: 1 bottle of Ūth Skin Crème, 1 container of NutriVerus™ powder, 1 container of Omega-3 with Vitamin D3, 1 GI-ProBalance® slimsticks, 1 Optimal Support Packet, 1 container of Advanced Ambrotose® 120 g, and an Associate Welcome Kit that includes our new Ūth Essentials Kit DVD. This Pack also gives you immediate access to every part of the Mannatech Compensation Plan.

Champion Core Pack #136401/11 
Associate Price:  $499.00

Share the face of Ūth with one of our Ūth Packs at either the All-Star level or at the Basic (Preferred) level. Ūth Rejuvenation Crème releases your body’s natural ability to support beautiful, healthy skin through a new, patented microsphere delivery system that is formulated to nourish your skin with nutrient-rich ingredients in a time-released pattern. This pattern supports the health of skin cells and the skin fiber matrix by delivering naturally sourced glycans, featuring Manapol® powder.*

The Champion Ūth Rejuvenation Crème Pack now includes 5 bottles of Ūth Rejuvenation Crème, 1 box of 15 Ūth Rejuvenation Crème Product Sample Packets and our new Ūth Essentials Kit.

Champion Ūth Rejuvenation Crème Pack #138801/11 
Associate Price:  $499.00
This is also available as an Upgrade Pack. #139001/11 
Associate Price:  $499.00

Both the Basic Ūth Skin Care Pack and the Champion Premium Ūth Rejuvenation Crème Pack now include our new Ūth Essentials Kit.

Basic Ūth Skin Care Pack #138701/11
Associate Price:  $169.00 
Champion Premium Ūth Rejuvenation Crème Pack #138901/11 
Associate Price:  $999.00

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*In an eight-week clinical trial conducted by Thomas J. Stephens and Associates, participants saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and an improvement in the evenness of the skin’s tone and in its firmness and elasticity.

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