Notice About Ambrotose Complex (100g)

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Thank you for your ongoing business with Mannatech. We appreciate your loyalty and want you to be the first to know of a temporary change to one of our products.

Ambrotose® Complex (100g) (item #37111) is currently on backorder. However, we expect the product to be back in stock mid-April. As information becomes available, we will let you know of any additional updates or changes.

Please note that Ambrotose Complex (100g) orders that include other products will ship on time. As soon as this backordered product is in stock, it will be shipped separately at no additional cost. Also, please keep in mind that PV (Personal Volume) will not be impacted by this backorder. PV is awarded when an order is placed (or when a Monthly Subscription is due)—not when the product is shipped.

We apologize for inconvenience this may cause you or your customers. Please contact Customer Care with any questions at


关于 Ambrotose Complex (100g)产品的公告


Ambrotose® Complex (100g)(货号 37111)目前处于缺货状态。不过,我们预计该产品将在四月中旬恢复供货。一旦有最新的消息,我们将通知您最新消息。

请注意,包含Ambrotose Complex (100g)订单中的其他产品将按时发货。延迟发货产品到货后,我们将立即安排单独发货,不收取额外费用。另外,您的 PV(个人积分额)不受此次延迟发货影响,因为PV 的产生是在订单提交(或自动订单到期)时发放,与产品配送时间无关。