Reduced Renewal Fee for Mannatech Associate

New for 2019! When you renew your status as a Mannatech Associate, you will notice that the renewal fee has dropped 50% to only $24.95 (in US and Canada).  Additionally, we will add $25 in Loyalty Points to your account as extra thanks for your loyalty and effort.

By renewing, you retain all rights and privileges as an Associate, including eligibility to continue earning commissions and earning up to 20% Loyalty rewards on your own purchases of Mannatech products.

If you choose not to renew as an Associate, you will still be able to purchase products at the same prices as current Associates and will accrue Loyalty rewards at 10%, but you will not earn commissions or have access to Associate business tools such as Success Tracker and Mannatech Plus.

You may renew as a Mannatech Associate online at, or you may call Customer Service at 800-281-4469 (US) or 866-717-2175 (Canada).

We appreciate having you as part of the Mannatech family and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.