Time to Celebrate Singles’ Day Specials

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What better way to prepare for the holiday season then to stock up on perfect gifts for all of the important people in your life with Mannatech’s Singles’ Day Specials!

Shop and Save!
These specials are available through November 12, or while supplies last, for One Time Orders only.

Advanced Ambrotose® 120 g (a 24% Savings)
Item #71101
Retail price: $122.99
Associates and Preferred Customers: $111.11
PV 104

Uth® Skin Rejuvenation Créme at 30% Off
Item #72601 (US) 72611 (CA)
Retail Price $104.99
Associates/Preferred Customers Price: $73.99
PV 69

3 Piece Uth Skincare System Set (a 42% Savings)
Item #71201 (US) 34611 (CA)
Retail price: $142.99
Associates and Preferred Customers: $111.11
PV 104

Get Free Shipping!*
All One Time Orders of $100 or more, placed through December 31st qualify for FREE shipping on us!

Stretch Your Holiday Dollars by Using Your Loyalty Points!
We want to remind you that your Loyalty Points can be redeemed for Mannatech products! What better time than now to take advantage of your Loyalty Points for gifting!

Order Now!

*For all One Time Orders of $100 or more, placed between 11/6 and 12/31 11:59 PM CST. Excludes expedited orders and air shipments. Applicable to One Time Orders only. CA NFR orders included. Orders that are eligible for free shipping may be purchased using Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points will not be issued for this promotion. This special promotion is not subject to Mannatech’s Satisfaction Guarantee. All sales final. No returns or exchanges.



优惠活动将持续到 11 月 12 日,售完为止,只接受一次性订单。

美泰加强型醣质营养素 (120 g)(平均节省 24%)
货号 71101
零售价:122.99 美元
经销商/优惠顾客价:111.11 美元
PV 104

Uth® 多醣“优丝”抗皱祛斑精华素,优惠 30%
货号 72601(美国) 72611(加拿大)
零售价 104.99 美元
经销商/优惠顾客价:73.99 美元
PV 69

Uth 多醣“优丝”护肤套组三件套(节省 42%)
货号 71201(美国) 34611(加拿大)
零售价:142.99 美元
经销商/优惠顾客价:111.11 美元
PV 104

只要在 12 月 31 日之前一次性订购达到或超过 100 美元便可免运费!



*只要在 11 月 6 日和 12 月 31 日晚 11:59 CST 期间一次性订购达到或超过 100 美元便可免运费!不包括加急订单和空运。只接受一次性订单。包括加拿大 NFR 订单。符合免运费资格的订单可以使用忠诚度积分购买。本次促销将不发放忠诚度积分。此优惠促销不受美泰的满意度保证的约束。所有销售均为最终销售,一经售出恕不退款或换货。