Uth DVD for Sale, and New Uth Teaser Video

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You spoke up, and we heard you!

UthDVD_0As our Ūth™ Essentials Kits have been flying off the shelves since we launched them a couple months ago, so many of you have asked to purchase the special Discover the Ūth Opportunity DVD separately.

Now, you can do just that. Purchase a set of 5 DVDs for only $15. Stock up and show this provocative DVD that spotlights the science and story of Ūth skin creme in a way that makes sharing it easy. Have a few at home, and a few to hand out. See what happens as you share the Ūth Opportunity again and again.

Purchase now by signing in at Mannatech.com, and clicking the “Business Tools” section.

  • $15
  • Set of 5
  • Item #1312001

Share the Ūth Opportunity in under 5 Minutes

Now, a teaser version of the video is available online.  Check out the Ūth Opportunity video now on YouTube, and share with anyone, anytime. Drop the link in an email, share it on Facebook or pull it up on your phone. It’s ready when you are!

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