Want to Reach Generation X, Y and Millennials? Don't Miss TNL This Week!

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Merri-jo Hillaker will be the featured speaker for TNL and will present her powerful presentation that has been a big hit on college campuses.  She will share some profound facts that will give you insight into how these generations think, what they want out of life and what they are dreaming of.

 For instance, did you know that 60% of all college kids do not want to climb the corporate ladder?  merri-jo

Did you also know that their main desire is financial freedom, the ability to create their own hours and to serve a purpose greater than themselves?  

Sound like a mission at Mannatech you all know and love?

We thought so! So join us at the corporate office for TNL featuring Merri Jo, October 15th, at 7:30 p.m. CT. Or tune into MannatechLIVE.com.

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