You’ll Want to Be in THE ACHIEVER’S CLUB!

The finest rewards, preferred event seating, special meet-and-greets, automatic qualification in North America incentive trips and more are reserved for members of the Achiever’s Club.

  • Earn membership in the club by signing-up one new Associate with an Automatic Order.
  • Stay in the club by signing-up another new Associate the next month with an Automatic Order, and the next month, etc.
  • The more consecutive months that you are in the Achiever’s Club, the bigger the rewards.
  • If you miss a month and you will have to start over until you re-qualify by signing-up one new Associate with an Automatic Order.


December 2023 Achievers

Name #Months with qualified Associate/ Customer
signups without a break.
US and Canada
Jeff & Mary Erb 60
Ying Fang Zhao 60
Paul & Amanda Latrielle 60
Sharon Cashin 60
Carey Fumerton 60
Merri-jo Hillaker 60
Heather Vandertas 60
Dr. Steven & Barbie Hines 60
Stu & Judy Deane 60
Judy Quick & Charlie Belt 60
Ron & Paulette Roy 60
Lillian Cartagena-Mercado 58
Pei pei Chen 48
Kristi Kozel 46
Cherry Choi 40
Margaret Fleischhauer 36
David & Rebecca Rundle 32
Ty Tribble & Jon Copper 26
Jon Copper 26
Sheri Lynn Johnson 26
Robbie Terry 26
Dong Yun Zeng 25
Jesse Martin 25
Hannah Terry 25
Brian Ventura 14
Montana Sucher 11
Yonggui Han 10
Sunhye Kim 8
Madelyn Johnson 8
Nuni Lamb 6
Cheryl C Lu 6
Yuyin Li 4
Hui Ling Xu 4
Hannah Thompson 3
Holly Han 3
Pey Chen Young 3
Ursula & Levi Myers 3
Tai-Hua Chen 3
Ni Ni Jiang 3
Ashley Lewis 3
Abby Hackley 3
Kelly Byron 3
Rachelle Renfrow 3
Juliana Sadler 3
Beth Haberly Sanders 3
Saber Wilson 3
Lauren Forst 3
Cassie DeWitt 3