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March is Weight + Fitness Month

Here are a few keys to help you live healthier by making positive choices and developing healthy habits for a lifetime.

Let’s Get Healthy: 3 Phases to Navigate the New Normal

Commit to this free on-line program to emerge recharged and reenergized. Ashly’s 3-Phase approach, starting on July 20, 2020, is designed to achieve positive lifestyle changes with lasting results.

Karate Legend Lives by ‘Attack All You Do With Excellence’

An internationally recognized karate professional, Chip has won 14 world championships, broken 7 ISKA world records (one achieved at MannaFest 2018!) and founded 6 Martial Arts centers in Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi. He is also one of Mannatech’s most dedicated athletic endorsers.

Football Player from Iowa Grew Up on Ambrotose®

At 25, Ike Boettger has a bright football career ahead of him. At 6’6” and 313 lbs, he received a full football scholarship at the University of Iowa and plays guard for the Buffalo Bills. And for as long as he can remember, he’s taken Mannatech products.

It’s Not Too Late to Join

People are signing up left and right to join the Winter Transformation Challenge. And it’s not too late!

Shift Your Mindset and Lose the Fat for Good*

No more excuses. No more ignoring facts. You want to be healthier, feel better and look better but it seems like an uphill battle. You long to melt off the fat, but how will this year be any different?

Come and See How Manapol® is Made!

Join us and other top Mannatech Leaders in the Costa Rica Incentive, see the fields and the processing plant where...