Healthy Family, Happy Family: Focus on Health in 2020

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Many of us take our health for granted. We wake up every day giving our physical and emotional health little thought. But without our health, we have nothing. The old adage holds true–Health is our greatest wealth.

This year, make your family’s health a priority by investing in the long-game. Short-term fad diets or exercising for one week won’t cut it. We have to create small changes every day that align with our best, healthiest selves.

Provide for your family by serving healthy meals. Add NutriVerus™ powder to bolster their diets with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Glyconutrients their bodies need.

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NutriVerus –

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Sprinkle on food, mix with smoothies or add to your favorite recipes. NutriVerus is a great way to invest in your family’s health!

阖家健康,阖家欢乐:2020 年关注健康大事





自 1 月 20 日开始,美泰醣质果蔬营养粉买 2 赠 2,售完即止。

美泰醣质果蔬营养粉 –

  • 货号 69511
  • 经销商/优惠顾客价:127.98 美元
  • 零售价:141.98 美元
  • PV 128