It’s time to trust your gut – Good Science. Good Sense.

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Your body is amazing.

It works around the clock to give you the energy you need to fill all the important roles in your life.

One of the hidden keys to unlocking your body’s ability to maintain health is your microbiome, an incredible network of trillions of microorganisms that aid digestion, helps protect against toxins, support your immune system, and foster cell-to-cell communication that stretches all the way from your gut to your brain.

What makes your microbiome so special?

  1. Your microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint. It starts to form before birth and is different even from others in your family.
  2. 70% of your immune system lives in your intestinal tract as part of your microbiome.
  3. Your microbiome changes over time. Your age, environment and diet all have an impact.
  4. Microbes thrive with a diet that is high in fiber, whole grains and plant-based foods.
  5. Your microbiome helps you digest food and may influence how much you weigh.


Mannatech GI-Biome System


Nourish your gut

Your gut does a lot of heavy lifting to keep your body working smoothly on your wellness journey. Mannatech’s GI-Biome System™ works to nourish this important system.*

It includes three carefully selected products packed with natural goodness: GI-ProBalance® slimsticks, GI-Zyme® capsules and GI-Defense® capsules. Together, they are a great addition to your wellness routine that can help improve your digestive health and support a healthier microbiome.*




Mannatech GI-Defense


Your microbiome’s first line of support

In this fast-paced world, you ask a lot of your body. Meals on the go, lack of exercise or too little sleep are just some of the challenges that may affect your microbiome and your overall health journey.

GI-Defense works with your body’s natural ability to help strengthen your intestinal wall.* When that lining is healthy, it controls what enters your bloodstream so that water and beneficial nutrients get in while harmful substances stay out.

Think of it as the protection for the delicate ecosystem where your microbes carry out their most important tasks, so your gut and brain can perform at optimal levels.*





Mannatech GI-ProBalance


Keeping everything in balance

Your immune system, mood, and digestion all can feel the effects when your microbiome isn’t at its optimal state. And that can make it challenging to look and feel your best.

Nourishing your gut with probiotics and prebiotic fibers is a great way to maintain that balance and help improve your overall health.* That’s where GI-ProBalance comes in.

As part of Mannatech’s GI-Biome System, GI-ProBalance slimsticks support a natural balance of good bacteria to maintain healthy digestion and a healthy gut-brain axis.*





Mannatech GI-Zyme

Digestion that feels good

Preparing a healthy, nourishing meal is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. Yet, sometimes even normal eating can leave your stomach feeling a little uncomfortable.

Digestion is a complex process. The right digestive enzymes help your body break down the food you eat smoothly and effectively, supporting you in feeling good and ensuring your body absorbs the nutrients you need.*



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