Making Room for the New by Discontinuing Product

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Happy New Year! Mannatech is excited to bring you great products in 2020. To make room for the new, we are bidding some of our other products farewell.

In 2020, NutriVerus (Item #34311 – Expiration 5/30/2020) will be discontinued in Canada so be sure to order while supplies last. Hopefully, this won’t inconvenience you or your customers. However, rest assured NutriVerus is still available in the U.S. NFR once the Canadian item runs out of stock.

If you have questions, contact Customer Care at one of the phone numbers below:
• English (866) 717-2175
• Chinese (866) 266-9812
As always, we are here to offer you our help and support.


祝大家新年快乐!美泰很高兴在 2020 年继续为您带来优质的产品。为了给新产品腾出市场空间,我们将停止供应某些其他产品。

2020 年,我们将在加拿大停止供应美泰醣质果蔬营养粉(货号 34311 — 2020 年 5 月 30 日到期),停止供应前请从速订购。希望这不会给您或您的客户带来不便。不过,美泰醣质果蔬营养粉的加拿大库存售罄后,仍可通过非转售 (NFR) 方式从美国订购。


• 英语 (866) 717-2175
• 中文 (866) 266-9812