Weekly Product Focus: MannaBoom®

Weekly Product Focus: MannaBoom®

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Learn more about MannaBoom® with Dr. Steve Nugent.



The second you’re feeling stressed or run down, support your immune system with Mannatech’s convenient and delicious MannaBOOM slimsticks that feature full servings of our core products to support a healthy immune function and keep your lifestyle active.

Each MannaBOOM Slimstick:

  • Includes the key nutrients provided in Advanced Ambrotose® powder, Manna-C™ capsules and Ambrotose AO® capsules in a tasty, citrus-flavored slimstick.
  • Boosts your immune system with a hefty serving of Glyconutrients.*
  • Provides a blast of support with our exclusive Manapol® powder and nutrient-rich Asian superfood, Wakame.*
  • Gives serious defense against free radicals with naturally sourced antioxidants from Acerola and Wild Bush Plum.*
  • Promotes gastrointestinal health and supports cell-to-cell communication through a blend of specific plant saccharides including Glyconutrients.*