Weekly Product Focus: Sleep Support

Weekly Product Focus: Sleep Support

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Learn more about Mannatech® Essentials Sleep Support with Dr. Steve Nugent.



Get the sleep you’ve dreamed about

Mannatech’s Sleep Support is a fragrant, herbal, soothing, and non-habit forming drink mix, containing naturally sourced ingredients. It is scientifically formulated with two special blends: the Fall Asleep Blend and the Deep Sleep Blend.

When taken as directed, Sleep Support herbal drink mix:

  • May calm and soothe the nervous system.*
  • Provides a soothing relaxation from normal day-to-day activities.*
  • May help ease restlessness.*
  • May help you to fall asleep naturally.*
  • May help support the regenerative sleep phases.*
  • Helps to maintain deep sleep.*
  • Supports a good night’s sleep.*
  • May support digestive health.*
  • Supports cardiovascular health.*