These Round One Transformation Challenge Winners Won $500, $1,000 and $2,000 for their TruHealth™ Transformations

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Rachelle Vardeh-Esakian – Individual Winner – $500

“I entered this challenge to take back my life. I have struggled for the past seven years to reach a healthy body weight and felt compelled to give this a try. I enjoy the shakes and have an abundance of energy to wake up to each day. Even though I have already met roadblocks with working shift work and in breaking old habits, I have been able to get up the next day and start again. My coaches have been extremely motivating and understand that this is not an easy journey. The encouraging words and tips and tricks that they send have kept me focused. I have the intention of seeing this through to the end and know that even if it is slow and steady, it is still taking me to my goal of being healthy for myself and my family*. I look forward to the results that I desire so I can have a higher self-esteem and have a more positive outlook on life†.” – Rachelle Vardeh-Esakian


Amanda Foster & Joshua Picard – Partner Winners – $1,000 total

“My name is Amanda Foster. The first month of the Transformation Challenge was filled with highs and lows. I began the challenge very motivated and excited to see results. I am a firm believer in the TruHealth™ products and was motivated to remain focused. I began the challenge very discouraged, weighing my heaviest ever at 182.8 pounds with a body fat percentage of 31.4. I set my challenge goals according to my body fat percentage not weight. In order to accomplish these goals, I decided to head back to the gym six days per week and eat as clean as possible along with replacing two meals with two TruPLENISH™ shakes per day.

In the first three weeks I was able to stay committed to a consistent gym routine. For the most part, I was also able to eat as I planned.

I initially joined the challenge to get motivated to be healthy again*. The possibility of winning money added a nice icing to the cake. I also joined for support. It can be hard sticking to a regime when you are by yourself.

Due to my busy schedule I, unfortunately, did not take advantage of the Virtual Transformation Coaches and TruHealth guide throughout this first challenge.

I plan to motivate others to achieve success through the use of the Transformation Challenge by leading through example and by my results.

My next Transformation Challenge goal is to continue to lose body fat. I would like to lose a total of 5% body fat by July. I am determined to achieve this with focus and consistency.” – Amanda Foster


“My challenge goals were to exercise at least five days a week, eat better with better food choices and healthier portion sizes, and stay loyal to my consumption of the TruHealth™ products. I was able to achieve my goals surprisingly well and after the first week, really settle into my regime and really enjoyed myself.

I entered the challenge because I love the TruHealth system and how great I feel when I use it in conjunction with my diet and exercise. I love the TruPLENISH™ shakes and know that I am getting nutrients my body needs. I know what amazing real food nutrition I get when I take this product.

I thought the challenge would be a fun way for my girlfriend and me to kick off the new year right. It is nice to have a support system when you need it. We got through it together and that helps, so you don’t feel alone. I am using this challenge to better my health* and my lifestyle choices but I also want to lead by example for my friends, family and downline. I want to show them that through hard work, some little changes every day and TruHealth, you can achieve your health and fitness goals*. I am a walking billboard for my business.” – Joshua Picard


Michael Rubin, Shannon Rubin & Phil Shorner – Team Winners – $2,000 total

“My name is Phil Schorner. For me this challenge was about losing visceral fat, building lean muscle, eating healthier, and experiencing how the TruHealth™ system works. One of the big reasons I decided to join the challenge was because I had two friends that I shared the program with and they were excited to give it a try and transform their health. I wanted to take the journey with them and experience my own results. Since starting the program, I have learned to cook healthier meals, and it has given me a greater joy for cooking and experiencing new variations of foods. One of my goals was to start building lean muscle. The virtual transformation coaching programs have really given me a plan to make that happen. I love that a lot of the exercises require a minimal amount of equipment and mainly use the movement of your body. I now feel that I have an easy-to-follow and sustainable plan to building lean muscle. I am excited to share this great program with other people, and I feel I can better support them on their journey since I have personally gone through the program and experienced results!” – Phil Schorner


“When I started this challenge I was skeptical. I’ve never been able to commit to eating healthy for this long. Throughout this challenge, I realized that roughly 75 percent of my diet is carbs. That coupled with the fact that I routinely pig out between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight have gotten me to a place where I feel completely disgusting. I cannot stand looking at myself in the mirror and am embarrassed anytime I have to take my shirt off. I did this challenge was because I am tired of telling my 5-year old son and almost 2-year old daughter that daddy doesn’t want to go to the pool with them because I am humiliated with what people will see. I don’t want this to be a fad. I want this to be a new lifestyle. I want to set an example for healthy living for my children and this challenge has been a great first step. This has shown me what I am capable of! I am wearing clothes I haven’t fit in for at least seven years! Thank you!” – Michael Rubin


 “My name is Shannon Rubin and this was truly a fantastic 30-day journey for me! Prior to starting this program, I had tried so many avenues to regain control over my health but to no avail. I had resigned to the thought that I would be fat and unhealthy the rest of my life. I thought that maybe my body was broken. No amount of exercise or good eating seemed to be working. In December, I had eliminated sugar from my diet and started to eat a lower glycemic diet. Within a few weeks the scale moved downward, and I was elated! My husband and I entered the challenge as a favor to a friend and quickly realized it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. I have felt so great and my dependency on food to meet my emotional needs has drastically decreased. Usually around this time of year I fall into a funk. Not this year! I have so much energy. This was just the kick start I needed to achieve a goal I thought was unreachable to me! I now know that my body is not broken and achieving my goal weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle is not out of my reach.”


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