Ambrotose AO Receives Two New Patents

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In a press release issued on Wednesday, February 26th, we were proud to announce the issuance of two new patents pertaining to our Ambrotose AO® formulation, increasing our total patents to more than 90.

Dr. Sinnott said, “These two new patents are a direct result of our systematic research and intellectual property development which has continued without pause since the company began.”

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Mannatech received the Decision to Grant from the European Patent Office and was issued the Letters Patent for Indonesia pertaining to its Ambrotose AO formulation. More than 25 patents have been issued worldwide to Mannatech for the technology pertaining to this formula. Overall, more than 90 patents have been issued worldwide to Mannatech for the technology pertaining to its Ambrotose, Ambrotose AO, GI-ProBalance®, and PhytoMatrix® product formulations and in the field of biomarker assays.

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  1. AivarT says:

    Hi, is there any mistake or the date is really from 5th March 2014?

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