Andy Andrews Wows at M5M Leadership Experience!

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As the audience at the M5MSM Leadership Experience soon realized, there is no one like Andy Andrews.

Through a heartfelt, dynamic and vibrant presentation, he shared a wide variety of opinions and approaches that if embraced, could make exponential differences in how you lead your team – and in your business.

Let’s take a look at a few that really resonated:

Andy gave us a powerful new look at the word “perspective.”

He shared how life can become almost too “almost,” where we never seem to hit the target. Where we find ourselves thinking, for example, “I almost reached that level of  leadership.”

That’s where perspective comes in. It’s more important than thinking…in fact, it affects thinking! Perspective can carry us through. 

Andy believes that as a leader, we have to think differently. Leaders have a level of belief of what is possible; a belief that is way beyond the level of belief non-leaders have.

He demonstrated this through a hierarchy of where people fall, regarding principles: 

  • Some people are just there
  • Some people do it
  • Some people do it and teach it
  • Some people do it, teach it and manage it
  • Some people do it, teach it, manage it and know HOW it all worked. They can do it again and again!
  • And, some people can do it, teach it, manage it, know how it worked as well as WHY the principle worked! 

Bottom line: Principles work whether you believe them or not. So, harness that principle. Violation of a principle gets you nothing. 

The Struggle is What it’s All About

Andy discussed how Americans have the propensity for tunnel vision when it comes to kids, i.e. “This kid is better than most in math. This one is good in athletics. This one is good in writing,” all the while overlooking those who might not be at the top of the heap; overlooking those who might need a little remedial help. Then he posed the question:

Why do Asian children get better grades than American children?

According to Andy, it’s because the Asian culture honors a struggle! They don’t just teach what to think, but they teach what to do! Teaching them how to think requires the “Why.”  The second they leave school or home, they will explore what they have been told. They will validate it – and they will be better equipped for handling the challenges of life.

This just a small sample of all the riches Andy shared with us. Learn more at Andy’s site.

More About Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews, masterful storyteller and a New York Times best-selling author, communicates to his audience through is heart. He was hailed by a New York Times reporter as “someone who has quietly become one of the most influential people in America.” Andy is a best-selling novelist, speaker, and consultant for the world’s largest corporations and organizations. And, he is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Traveler’s GiftThe Noticer, and How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

As many experienced this past weekend, events are where you can learn the most and be a part of the momentum that leads to success!

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