Arabinogalactan — a Potent Polysaccharide in Ambrotose Products

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To wrap up our showcase of key potent polysaccharide ingredients in our glyconutrient products, it’s time for our Larch arabinogalactan to come out from hiding and take a bow. This often overlooked polysaccharide deserves, in fact, a standing ovation!

Here’s Why

Three recent gold standard, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials have shown that Larch arabinogalactan can stimulate the adaptive immune system. The most recent study showed that regular intake of arabinogalactan—at a serving size found in our Ambrotose® powder products—significantly enhanced the antibody response of healthy adults to a tetanus vaccination.1  This finding suggests that regular intake of our Ambrotose powder products can help keep your immune system strong year-round.*

That’s the kind of news you can feel good about!

And, you’ll probably feel even better knowing that Mannatech’s arabinogalactan is gentle to the environment. It is sourced primarily from Minnesota’s wild tamarack, Larix laricina. State and county tamarack forest management practices have been certified by third parties as being sustainable. To this end, less than 10% of wild tamarack trees are harvested annually. And, our supplier does not consume the wood from harvested trees. It simply uses pure water to extract the arabinogalactan and then sells the wood to industries that use it to produce wood chips for mulch, playground coverings or boiler fuel.

Part of a breakthrough formula!

Mannatech scientists knew what they were doing back in 1996 when they developed our original Ambrotose complex formulation with Larch arabinogalactan. Research publications at that time were identifying arabinogalactans as immunologically important polysaccharides in herbal medicines, such as a Japanese herbal formulation, Juzen-Taiho-To, and Echinacea purpurea, a plant well known for its ability to support immune health. Arabinogalactan is even a component of gum tragacanth, another plant polysaccharide-rich ingredient in our Ambrotose products.

These recent human clinical trials are the icing on the cake of a large body of preclinical research investigating the benefits of arabinogalactan.  You can read more about Larch arabinogalactan in the publications section of

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