Award of Excellence Recipients

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At MannaFest 2019, we presented nine fun and unique awards to our attendees:

Burning Up the Rubber Award – Presented to the Associate on the fastest track to Presidential Director in 2018. Winner:  Dr. Yun.

Good Morning Mannatech Award – Presented to the Associate who is consistently on social media every morning sharing good news about our wellness journey. Winner: Lydia Stasiak.

Great Mannatech Historian Award – Presented to the Associate who keeps the history of Mannatech. Winners: Nat and Silence Weeks (who provided materials for our 25th anniversary display).

Most Happy Award – Presented to the Associate whose attitude pulls us and others along through a sometimes-difficult business. Winners: Sue Dong and Justin Fung.

Greatest Wing Span Award – Presented to the Associate with wide influence and a willingness to help anybody (in or out of downline). Winner: Don Partridge.

Greatest Influencer Award – Presented to the Associate who teaches and trains others unselfishly. Winner: Lui Li.

It’s All Made Up Award – Presented to the Associates who have special skills (and senses of humor) for translation work. Winners: May Yin and Bobbie Cai.

Mannatech in a Box – Presented to the Associate who has shown such great commitment to inclusion and possibilities that she created their own translation system. Winner:  Satoe Nammo.

Candid Camera award – Awarded to the Associates who lend their voices to our training and events. Winners: Demra Robbins, Merri-jo Hillaker, Kevin Robbins.



燃烧的橡胶奖 – 颁发给在2018年以最快的速度晋升为PD的经销商。获奖者:Dr. Yun。

早安美泰奖 – 颁发给经常一早就在社交媒体上分享美泰健康好消息的经销商。获奖者:Lydia Stasiak。

美泰资深史学家奖 – 颁发给一直在记录美泰历史的经销商。获奖者:Nat及Silence Weeks (他们为美泰25周年庆典提供了不少展示资料)。

最高兴奖 – 颁发给那些能鼓舞我们度过难关的积极乐观的经销商。获奖者:Sue Dong and Justin Fung。

助人为乐奖 – 颁发给具有广泛影响力而且愿意帮助他人(无论对方是否是自己的下线)的经销商。获奖者:Don Partridge。

最佳影响力奖颁发给能向其他人提供无私教导和培训的经销商。获奖者:Lui Li。

最能瞎扯奖颁发给在翻译方面具有特殊才能和幽默感的经销商。获奖者:May Yin及Bobbie Cai。

美泰盒子奖 颁发给向那些在致力于创造自己的翻译系统时,能展现出无限包容性和可能性的经销商。获奖者:Satoe Nammo。

偷拍奖 – 颁发给最常为美泰培训和活动出镜的经销商。获奖者:Demra Robbins, Merri-jo Hillaker, Kevin Robbins.


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