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Good Science. Good Sense. (October)

To fill the nutritional gap you might be experiencing, we bring you Superfood Greens and Reds powder for pure, plant-based nutrition and Blue Water™ with Aloe Vera Pulp for premium hydration.* Add these healthy, balanced nutritional supplements to your Monthly Subscription today.

Manapol Special Savings Promotion– 36% OFF Until Aug 31!

We know it’s a challenge to keep your family healthy, especially now that the kids are back in school and fall and winter are upon us. You need daily nutrition that provides natural support in keeping your immune system vibrant and strong.

🚨 Your All-In-One Business App (Penny) is Now Available!

Penny is the data-driven social sales enablement platform that exponentially increases revenue for entrepreneurs like you. And now we’re excited to announce that Mannatech Associates get the Penny app as part of their Associate sign up and renewal fees

📺 As Seen on TV—Mannatech is making headlines

You already know and love Mannatech, but how about all those who haven’t yet heard of us? Starting in August 2022, over 170 public television stations will have the opportunity to broadcast an educational program featuring Mannatech!

MannaFest 2022 Registration Announcement!

Registration is NOW OPEN for the biggest event of the year: Virtual MannaFest 2022! Everyone is invited to join this global event taking place on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24.

Notice about Ambrotose Complex (100 g)

Ambrotose® Complex 100g (item #37101) is currently on backorder. As information becomes available, we will let you know of any additional updates or changes.

Notice about Uth Facial Cleanser

Uth® Facial Cleanser (item #42301) is currently on backorder. As information becomes available, we will let you know  of any additional updates or changes.

Inflation Buster Roadshow

To help you get the most bang for your buck out of summer, Mannatech’s Inflation Buster Summer Roadshow will be traveling to several cities across the United States and Canada.

Notice about Ambrotose LIFE Slimsticks

Due to raw material shortage issues, we are currently facing a delay in replenishing Ambrotose LIFE® slimsticks (item# 51101), which is currently on backorder. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an estimated back-in-stock date.