Congratulations to Our New BP6 Canadian and U.S. Directors

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Champions of BP6 – We Recognize and Congratulate You!

The following Associates are outstanding performers! Each has displayed exceptional leadership, remarkable diligence and unmatched passion for sharing our mission and products. Kudos to these hard-working Mannatech Champions of the Cause!



Alfred Fan & Andy Lin, BC
Mei Yi Chan, BC
Jacqueline Kar Yee Chan, BC
Yi Chen, BC
Hao Chen, BC
Tang Shan Choi, BC
Yurong Guo, BC
Jing Hua Han, BC
Xiao Li Hu, BC
Rui Xue Huang, BC
Jimmy Kwok Man Lau, BC
Wing Kuen Leung, BC
Quan Li, BC
Duan Pin Li, BC
Xing Liang, BC
Qing Yan Liang, BC
Mike Schartner, AB
Yan Ru Shi, BC
Jun Hong Tian, BC
Tiffany Tian, BC
Shu Hwei Wei, BC
Lian Bo Wu, BC
Meng Xue Xu, BC
Lei Yang, BC
Manjun Yang, BC
Chun Shing Yuen, BC
Fai Wan Yuk, BC
Xin Zhang, BC
Shurong Zhao, BC
Hui Zhao, BC
Sophia Zheng, BC
Li Song Zhou, BC


Seoungmi Sandy Bennett, BC
Yu Yang Chen, BC
Jenny Choy, SK
Yu Tian Gan, BC
Shao Hu Gong, BC
Zhang Hong Jie, BC
Jun Huo, BC
Li Mun Lam, BC
Chun Lian Li, BC
Jie Ping Li, BC
Shi Ping Liang, BC
Trieu Nang Lieu, BC
Zhi Ping Lin, BC
Zhu Liu, BC
Tse-Hua Ou, BC
Yong Fen Ren, BC
Hua Ren, BC
Xiaomin Sun, BC
Mei Yan Tan, BC
Shirley Tu, BC
Jie Xin Xu, BC
Hong Yan, BC
Qi Jun Zhang, BC
Schuyler Zheng, BC
Jenny Zheng, BC


Ai Di Chen, BC
Joy Chen, BC
Yu Tian Gan, BC
Ze Dong & Hong Min Gong, BC
Luis Francisco Huang Tang, BC
Bo Zhang, BC


Chris Zhou, BC

United States


Roni Antenucci, FL
Sergio Cardona, FL
Daniel Chaparro, TX
Michael Cloutier, FL
Paula Comstock, MN
Irene Dickinson, FL
Pilar Fegan, FL
Leslie Forbes, TX
Qiong Gao, WA
Youngdon Lee, CA
Sook Lee, AZ
Zhongyuan Li, NJ
Michelle Liu, WI
Guifang Min Ward, CA
Stephanie Uscategui, FL
Huijuan Wang, CA
Brian Wille, WI


Douglas & Lorena Membreno, FL
Martha Rodriguez, TX
Ai Zhang, WA


Kyunghwa Park, CA
Patricia Unruh, FL
Andres Uscategui, FL

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