Congratulations to Our New BP8 U.S. and Canadian Directors

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We are proud to announce the following Associates who, in BP8, emerged as new Leaders – Champions of our cause! Please join us in congratulating our new Directors for championing the M5M movement and helping us change the world! 



Lam Cheung, BC

Wilkey Ming Choy Chick, BC

James Corbett, BC

ChunYing Fan, BC

Wei Xing Gu, BC

Linda Kelsey, BC

Hoi Lam Kong, BC

Guo Li, BC

Zihan Li, NS

Yanyan Liu, BC

Chaoyang Lu, BC

Geqing Luo, BC

Sue Pipes, BC

Kotchakon, Prayotton, BC

Hong Ren, BC

Jai Qi Xu, BC

Zuo Chun Xu, BC

Nuliang You, BC


Than Peng Chung, BC

Jiang Han, BC

Viet Huynh, BC

Xia Liang, BC


United States


Smith Layton

Juan Angel, FL

Kayreen Arnold, OR

Sidney Delve, CA

Jennifer Eagle, TX

Christopher Eno, WA

Maria Florez Bogallo, FL

Carrie Gilliland, MN

William Hamlin, TX

Synthia Henderson, LA

Michelle Hsu, OR

Michael Keenum, TX

Kay H. Kim, CA

Tian Lor Lin, OK

Ana Lopez, CA

Darren Mathis, TX

Xianmei Matusa, CA

Nader Misri, CA

Quang Nguyen, TX

Enrique Revilla Figueroa, FL

James Harold Sanders, TX

Cathie Teague, CA

Christina Wismer, CA

Hiromi Yamada, CA


Candice J. Krall, IA

Ying Zheng, WA


Patrick Dongvillo, OR

Bronze Presidential

Paul Roach, FL


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