Loyalty Points – Use ‘Em Or Lose ’Em

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Food isn’t the only thing that expires … Loyalty Points do, too. As a reminder, Points will expire one (1) year from the date they are earned. So, be sure to redeem them to avoid losing them in the future.

To recap, once you generate an Automatic Order for three cycles (Business Periods or months) in a row, you qualify for the Loyalty Program. After your initial orders over three consecutive cycles, you continue to earn Loyalty Points on each consecutive order. These points are redeemable in the next business cycle.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. Be sure your friends and family are taking advantage of the Loyalty Program, too.

Visit Mannatech.com to redeem your Points, or call  Customer Service at 1.800.281.4469 (U.S.), or 1.866.717.2175 (CA). Our helpful representatives can provide your Point status.


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