Mannatech CEO Responds to Recall of Herbal Supplements

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Following is a statement from Dr. Rob Sinnott, CEO and Chief Science Officer at Mannatech, a global developer of wellness and nutritional products, regarding the recent investigation of herbal supplements in New York State. Recent headlines have herbal supplement manufacturers under fire as accusations of mislabeling and including undisclosed ingredients in products have caused several major retailers to halt sales. (Mannatech is not part of this recall or investigation in any way.)

Industry Responsibility

“I firmly believe that it is our responsibility, as well as all supplement manufacturers, to have rigorous quality assurance programs and to conduct close oversight of the production process from start to finish. The wellness and confidence of our customers depends on this.

To that point, I would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers and their families of Mannatech’s stringent, industry-leading quality control programs that ensure that our products are what we promise,” said Dr. Sinnott.

Mannatech’s Third-party Certification

“Many of Mannatech’s core products undergo a third-party certification by NSF International. NSF certification ensures our products contain the ingredients as designed, confirms accurate labeling and enforces purity standards. Additionally, Mannatech has a thorough and advanced quality assurance program that complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s current Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements, which impact all aspects of product development, manufacturing, evaluation, storage and distribution,” said Dr. Sinnott.

Clinical Studies

“To ensure that our products deliver on their promise to support wellness, Mannatech’s broad portfolio of patented technology has been validated by research conducted by independent scientists and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Currently, 17 human clinical trials have been published, 13 of which were double-blind, placebo-controlled studies — the gold standard for product validation,” said Dr. Sinnott.

Do the Right Thing

“Along with a product substantiation Standard Operating Procedure that ensures that our claims are validated by published science, Mannatech delivers on what it promises. We stand behind every product we make and we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers and their families receive only the best products possible. We do this not because we are required to, but because it is the right thing to do,” said Dr. Sinnott.

Dr. Sinnott points out that supporting all of Mannatech’s quality assurance efforts is a money-back guarantee. Mannatech stands behind the quality of its products and its customer’s satisfaction. If for any reason a customer tries a Mannatech product and is not completely satisfied, the customer may return it within 180 days of purchase for an exchange or refund.

Mannatech Quality Assurance Program

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  1. Peggy_from_Porcupine says:

    Some who read this might say “Yeah, it is easy for him to give his company great PR. That’s what he’s paid to do.” Maybe. But this is a publicly traded company so they are very careful that everything they say in print is accurate – as do all publicly traded companies. So this is not hype folks.

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