Mannatech Mexico Celebrates Mexico’s First Platinum Presidential Leader, Eight Years of Success

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Mannatech Associate Germain Vaca Rodriguez is Mexico’s first-ever Platinum Presidential Leader. He is the first to achieve this rank within Latin America. He was recently honored for his success at Mannatech Mexico’s Leaders’ Forum in Mexico City, November 24, 2018.

Mannatech Mexico Germain Vaca Rodriguez

Germain Vaca Rodriguez, Mannatech Mexico’s first Associate to achieve Platinum Presidential Director, smiles amid fanfare at the Leaders’ Forum in Mexico City on November 24, 2018.

“To arrive at Platinum is the natural result of sharing my great passion for our products and our business opportunity with others,” said Rodriguez. “And I hope that my achievement will inspire others and let them know that it is possible to achieve. Because it is worth the effort to dream about becoming better and having more abundance in our lives. I am grateful to Johanna Gil for bringing the Mannatech opportunity to my life, and for sharing this great blessing with me.”

Mannatech Mexico’s Rapid Growth

“Mexico is Mannatech’s fastest-growing market,” said Olga Zamudio, Director of Sales for Mexico and Colombia. “For example, we recently welcomed 3,000 new Associates in a single day! Our growth was evident at our recent Leader’s Forum! We honored 270 Associates, including three new Bronze Presidential Leaders and three new Presidential Leaders! Germain is our first to achieve Platinum Presidential.”


  • Germain Vaca Rodriguez – Platinum Presidential
  • Esmeralda Rodriguez & Jose Paniagua – Bronze Presidential Leaders
  • Daniel Bedolla Rodriguez & Miriam Rodriguez – Bronze Presidential Leaders (in qualification)
  • Monica Aguila Guerra– Presidential Director
  • Maria Guadalupe Camargo – Presidential Director
  • Ana Lidia Leon – Presidential Director (in qualification)

Mannatech Mexico’s Flourishing Business Opportunity

“The Mannatech Business Opportunity is flourishing in Mexico,” said Mannatech President and CEO, Alfredo “Al” Bala. “It proves that those with desires and determination to succeed in this business, can. We have the people here to help coach you up. They provide mentorship and amazing products – many of which are manufactured in Mexico.”

“Mannatech Mexico is growing because of the passion that we leaders have and because of the commitment we share to take this opportunity to more people,” said Rodriguez. “Because we are good people; honest and hard-working, and we love what we do. As a result, we have built a great team with corporate here in Mexico and we all share the same objectives. This work is absolutely worth the effort.”

Mannatech Mexico Success Story: The Rodriguez Family

“My parents and my sister and now my children found this life project taking root in the first moment. For instance, my father left his job as a taxi driver to start a Mannatech business, and he is now a Presidential Bronze leader. And thanks to the efforts of him and my mother, today they live in a new home,” Rodriguez explained.*

Mannatech Mexico Rodriguez Family

Mannatech Mexico’s Germain Vaca Rodriguez has made family success a priority.

“Also my sister and her husband are about to become Presidential. They too live in a new home where my parents own a new home and where I bought two.* Not only that, I am now finishing the house of my dreams, in the middle of a forest and it is the ideal space for my retirement*. But I don’t think I will ever stop my Mannatech life and business! Because thanks to my business I have come to know places I never imagined I would, and with family, as we are building a life project together.* This is what is most important!”

“But also, the mother of my children is living her dream to achieve Presidential and today, more than ever, I know that my children’s future is in Mannatech.* Here is where they can find the path where persistence, effort can deliver their dreams and create their own destinies.”

“In our first Mexico Presidential Summit (2019), this marvelous company allowed my family to begin the year by enjoying the best hotel in Latin America. It was a unique experience that we fully enjoyed as a family.”

“Mannatech is a place where the family is most important. And thanks to Mannatech’s products that we can provide this opportunity to thousands of people. Really to anyone who seeks empowerment, personal improvement, financial freedom, or to support and educate their children.”

Eight Years of Mannatech Mexico

Mannatech Mexico has just completed its first eight years in operation. This is a great moment for Mexico and all who have helped to build its success.

Mannatech Mexico’s headquarters are located at Av. Vallarta No 2440, Colonia Arcos Vallarta. Plaza los Arcos (frente al Centro Magno), Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 44130. The primary phone number for the offices are 01 800 00 MANNA (62662).

* The earnings and lifestyle indicated are not necessarily representative of what you may earn or achieve. Your individual earnings and lifestyle as an Associate are strictly dependent upon your respective area, skills, and effort. Mannatech makes no guarantee of earnings or lifestyle.