07-07-16 Manna Success Call

07-07-16 Manna Success Call

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Listen to our Thursday, July 07, 2016 Manna Success Call at 10 AM CST during Business Period 08-2016 hosted by Ron and Paulette Roy who talks with Presidential Director Danica Roy. Danica has been with Mannatech since it’s opening in 1994. She is a busy mother of 15 year old Zachary and enjoys every minute of her active life. Danica is a Kindergarten teacher by profession and has been working with children in some capacity for 27 years. However one of her major passions is helping changing the lives of others and sharing the amazing gifts of Mannatech products. She credits her health and the ability to keep up her active lifestyle because of glyconutrients. Danica partners with a non-profit organization in Naples FL and is the coordinator for the Vitamins for Haiti program there. She is passionate about bringing Mannatech’s nutrition to orphanages in Haiti and has a goal to go back within the next year. She believes that nothing compares to what we have and is blessed by the friends and family she has made with Mannatech.

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