Weekly Product Focus: CardioBALANCE®

Weekly Product Focus: CardioBALANCE®

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Learn more about CardioBALANCE® with Dr. Steve Nugent.



Daily nutrition for your heart


Many of us don’t get enough nutrients to keep our heart healthy. CardioBALANCE capsules help maintain blood vessel and cardiovascular health with the proper amount of B 6 and B 12 vitamins for long-term wellness.*

Take care of your ticker with capsules that:

  • Provide nourishment for cardiovascular health through vitamins, magnesium and other heart-healthy ingredients.*
  • Help maintain homocysteine levels that are already within normal range.*
  • Include folic acid and L-arginine, which is thought to increase nitric oxide production—essential in maintaining blood vessel health— as well as CoQ10, which is often depleted by cholesterol-lowering drugs.*
  • Supply 100% or more of the Daily Value of important nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B 6 , vitamin B 12 and folic acid.