New U.S. and Canadian Directors for BP 2, 2015

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We are proud to announce the following Associates who, in BP 2, emerged as new Leaders – Champions of our cause! Please join us in congratulating our new Directors for championing the M5M movement and helping us change the world! 



Karen Wolfe  – La Crete, AB

Zhongrong Li  – Richmond, BC

Zhong Liang Ding  – Richmond, BC

Michelle Wai Chi Liu – Richmond, BC

Wilhelm Friesen – La Crete, AB

Min He – Burnaby, BC

Qian Qian Wang – Surrey, BC

Susanne Krahn – Fort Vermilion, AB

Wee Ghee Loy – Richmond, BC

Zheng Gang Xi – Vancouver, BC

Debbie Madden – Langley, BC

Zhitao Wang – Richmond, BC

Susan Skinner – Kelowna, BC

Hailin Yu – Richmond, BC

Yu Ding – Port CoQuitlam, BC

Ning Zhang – West Vancouver, BC

Chuan Chi Nieh – Burnaby, BC

Felix You Jin Mah & Dan Tan – Vancouver, BC

Yinong Chen – Burnaby, BC

Shulin Chen – Delta, BC

Sumin Xu – Surrey, BC

Pin Jin – Burnaby, BC

Tingba Yu – Richmond, BC

Jie Zeng – Surrey, BC


Jia Lan Yuan – Surrey, BC

Yadi Huan – Surrey, BC

Fan Jiang, Burnaby, BC

Funan Xing – Surrey, BC

Peichang Chen – Richmond, BC

Jia Hui Wang – Richmond, BC


Lie Gao – Burnaby, BC



Josh Dill – Dubuque, IA

Sharion Akin – Bastrop, TX

Riczabeth Sobalvarro – Miami, FL

Wendell Elms – Flower Mound, TX

Brenda Warren – Stoughton, WI

Fan Ru Tseng – Flushing, NY

Daniel Salvatori – San Diego, CA

Godwin Moy – Bellevue, WA

Young Kim – Demarest, NJ

Robert Larocca – Westminster, CO

Heqing Malloy – Edmonds, WA

Byung Woo Kim – Aurora, CO

Xiaoqian Zhang – Monterey Park, CA

Sangil Park – Phoenix, AR

Bruce Tung – Collingswood, NJ

Charlotte Messer – Bismarck, ND

Sharon Messer – Hebron, ND

Mei Zhen Zhao Pan – Philadelphia, PA

Nancy Wang – Olympia, WA

Joanna Cai – Portland, OR

Daianna Bi – Portland, OR

Frella Margarita Gonzalez Camargo – Miami, FL

Dong Suk Kim – La Crescenta, CA

Kelly Tsan – Los Angeles, CA

Yu Hua Huang – Los Angeles, CA

Pi Chen Lin – Los Angeles, CA

Chia Ting – Los Angeles, CA

Ko Aung – Los Angeles, CA

Lili Chou – Alhambra, CA

Talene Puu – Alhambra, CA

David Yeh – Alhambra, CA

Shelly Chou – Los Angeles, CA

Ruben Chuayiuso – Los Angeles, CA

Sung Yeh – Los Angeles, CA

Gao Hong – Los Angeles, CA

Bao Ju Wang – Los Angeles, CA

Chun Zhang – Los Angeles, CA


Genese and David Witwer – Fallbrook, CA

Sanae Furuki – San Fernando, CA

Jordan Gafford – Snyder, TX

Nellie Lottman – La Canada Flintridge, CA

Mariana Kitchen – Kailua Kona, HI

Shuting Mei – Houston, TX

Evelyn Lu – Kirkland, WA

Shuie Li – Seattle, WA

Gerald Messer – Hebron, ND

Cindy Hsiung – Los Angeles, CA

Michael Lee – Los Angeles, CA

Meiling Yuan – Los Angeles, CA

Scott K. Lee – Los Angeles, CA


Julie Lee – Alhambra, CA

Randy T. Lee – Los Angeles, CA

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