New U.S. and Canadian Directors for BP9

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Congratulations to our New Directors for BP 9! Each has displayed exceptional leadership, remarkable diligence and unmatched passion for sharing our mission and products. Kudos all around to this amazing group of hard-working Mannatech stars!




Zhenyu Liang, Vancouver, BC

Jun Rui, West Vancouver, BC

Ying Cao, Richmond, BC

Albert Lee, Richmond, BC

Carl Jia Hua Xi, Vancouver, BC

Yan Ping Yu, Vancouver, BC

Jing Hao, Richmond, BC

Jui-Hsia Hung, Surrey, BC

Weilin Dennis Liu, Richmond, BC

Jia Lan Yuan, Surrey, BC

Junshan Lui, Richmond, BC

Yongjun Wu, Richmond, BC

Wei Ju Chen, Richmond, BC

Zongrui Li, Richmond, BC

Hua Long Jiang, Ricmond, BC

Chen Wu, West Vancouver, BC

Xiao Xi Wu, Burnaby, BC

Xing Ni Zhang, Vancouver, BC

Lijing Wang, Richmond, BC

Tian Yun Xu, Richmond, BC

Feng Xu, Port Moody, BC

Jian Hong Zou, Burnaby, BC

Zhenli Fan, Vancouver, BC

Xiaohan Ye, Richmond, BC

Geoffrey B Ng, Delta, BC

Yuan Ling Zi Shi, Burnaby, BC

Jane Yan, Richmond, BC

Simon Tang, Richmond, BC

Xi Ling Wang, West Vancouver, BC


Zhi Jin Au, Vancouver, BC

Zuo Ling Li, Richmond, BC

Yu Yun Wang, Surrey, BC

Yun Wang, Delta, CA

Zhen Yun Li, Richmond, BC

Xiao Li Sun, Richmond, BC

Yu Hua Liu, Richmond, BC

Xiaodan Ye, Richmond, BC

Qing Mai, Surrey, BC

Zi Ling Gao, Richmond, BC

Jian Ying Gao, Vancouver, BC

Jian Xu, Vancouver, BC

Rong Chen, Richmond, BC

Qiong, Shen, Richmond, BC

Hong Ren, Vancouver, BC

Yun Fei Liu, Richmond, BC

Meilin Sun, Burnaby, BC

Xiao Lian Li, Vancouver, BC

Chaoyang Lu, Richmond, BC

Yanping Hu, Coquitlam, BC

Shi Yan, Richmond, BC

Chun Ying Fan, Richmond, BC

Wun Yi Wong, Richmond, BC

Agnes Ng, Delta, BC

Su Heng Liu, Richmond, BC

Corrina Ying Zhang, Richmond, BC

Wei Wang, Vancouver, BC

Yuyan Cai, Richmond, BC

Kerun Zhu, Burnaby, BC

Xing Ting Zhang, Richmond, BC

Jia Cheng Xu, Surrey, BC

Jia Qi Xu, Surrey, BC

Zuo Chun Xu, Surrey, BC

Wei Guo, West Vancouver, BC

Xiao Ling Liang, Surrey, BC

Rui Jun Liu, Richmond, BC

Su Li Luo, Richmond, BC

Jun Shi, Burnaby, BC

Helen Wang, Delta, BC


Li Ju, Richmond, BC

Ying Wang, Richmond, BC

Ji Niu, Burnaby, BC

Rong Zhang, Surrey, BC

Shi He, Richmond, BC

Maria Camila Rincon, Richmond, BC

Weifei Zhou, Richmond, BC

Yi Chen, Richmond, BC

Peimei Fang, Richmond, BC

Chen Weining, Richmond, BC

Jiang Han, Surrey, BC




Cynthia Phelps, San Antonio, TX

Michael Link, Gresham, OR

Janet L Cass, Marble, MN

Chuck Barrett, Lakewood, WA

Krystle Antonelli, Pagosa Springs, CO

Kyong Hee Jeong, Gardena, CA

Setsue Ikeda, Honolulu, HI

Shannon Vaughan, Lakehills, TX

Sang Ho Jeon, North Hollywood, CA

Qun Liu, Laguna Hills, CA

Gina Cho, Fort Lee, NJ

Felipe Maldonado, Lewisville, TX

Amethyst Dowell, Lubbock, TX

Maria E Macias, Dallas, TX

Annie Kalish, Portland, OR

Joann Smolen, Valencia, CA

James Han, Pasadena, CA

Yannes Xiong, Naples, FL

Shu Chuan Wu, Hayward, CA

Chenchen Zhai, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Susan Furnish, Portland, OR

Lorina Shinsato, Redmond, WA

Mary Denison, Portland, OR

Rebecca Ouk, Edmonds, WA

Chanmi Kim, San Jose, CA

Xiaobing Lin, Brooklyn, NY

Jairo Manuel Losada Manotas, Doral, FL

Marjorie Schulte, Scottsdale, AZ

Yulan Zheng, LeesBurg, VA

Rebecca Zhang, Seattle, WA

Longqing Chen, Maybrook, NY

Kristina Punzalan, Alhambra, CA

Jane Nakamura, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Greg Stephens, Taylorville, IL

Chia Jung Chen, Flushing, NY

Tzung Ying Wu, Bayside Hills, NY

Curt Summers, Green Valley, AZ

Top Fangs Inc., Brooklyn, NY


Howard Howard, Portland, OR

Ryan Robbins, Trophy Club, TX

Bethany Hayes, Gresham, OR

Yun Juang Pan, New York, NY

David Son, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Xiu Na Zheng, Brooklyn, NY

Beverly Poskin, King City, OR

Chi Ying Chan, Happy Valley, OR

Hong Li, Hinsdale, IL

Honglei Shen, Renton, WA

Michael Cloutier, Naples, FL

Irene Dickinson, Naples, FL

Fang Liu, Brooklyn, NY

Kristina Punzalan, Alhambra, CA


Tony & Heather Gendvilas, Oregon City, OR

Lori Cutter, Wilsonville, OR

Dana Hinds, Lubbock, TX

Ik Hwan Son, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Xiangling Wood, Shoreline, WA

Jianfeng Huang, Bellevue, WA

Liang Yin, Naples, FL

Bo Song, Edmonds, WA


Li Chai, Redmond, WA

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