New Year’s Resolutions from Mannatech’s R&D Team

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Judging from the sight of entire aisles set aside for weight-loss products in grocery stores and the sudden bump in fitness club enthusiasts, it’s clear that, for many Americans, New Year’s Resolutions are all about getting healthy. Mannatech’s employees tend to be consistent about their use of Mannatech’s dietary supplements but other healthy behaviors tend to fall by the wayside, particularly during the holidays. So, what healthy New Year’s Resolutions do Mannatech employees favor? We decided to ask Mannatech’s science types—members of our Research, Product Development and Regulatory Affairs Teams—about what they have resolved to do to make 2013 a healthier year.

Mannatech’s CEO and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Rob Sinnott, has resolutions that are short and sweet. “I have resolved to eat better. Less food on each plate. All meals consisting of at least half vegetables and all meals having less than 20 grams each of fat and sugar.”

Dr. Rolando Maddela, Manager of Clinical Studies, said, “I quit drinking soda and I exercise at least three times a week. I’ve added more veggies to my plate and have decreased my intake of meat to just twice a week. To relax, I try to meditate every morning and evening. The result? I have more energy and I feel healthier!”

Jane Ramberg, Director of Product Substantiation, commented, “Since my husband and I became empty nesters, I’ve been enjoying more restaurant meals and…watching my cholesterol levels go up!  Seeing the film Forks over Knives recently spurred me to do something about this. I decided to eliminate red meat and cut back on my intake of other meats, eggs and dairy foods. Just three weeks after making these changes, my cholesterol went way down. So, I plan to continue to avoid these foods as much as possible.”

Busy mother of two little girls and Regulatory Associate, Morgan Barg, said, “My resolutions are to eat as much produce as possible and to eat less meat, processed foods and sugar. I also aim to drink three cups of green tea each day, drink lots of water, and exercise four days a week. I love the book World’s Healthiest Foods and its related website,, which offers easy and healthy ways to prepare meals for my family. Since using some of their techniques and recipes, I have lost about 10 pounds! I love the wealth of information these resources offer because it keeps my mind focused on how important the decision to eat well and take care of my body really is.”

Finally, Product Safety Specialist II, Lisa O’Grady, enthused, “I see a personal trainer on Monday nights and incorporate what I learn into my workouts here in Mannatech’s gym during the rest of the week. Every time I visit my trainer, she provides me with a unique set of exercises to target a particular area of my body and she makes sure that I do them all correctly. This has made a big difference for me! My trainer costs no more than what I’d spend to go out for lunch every day and the benefits are much healthier for me.”

So, that’s what some of our science-types plan to do.  How about YOU?

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