Omega-3 with Vitamin D Back Order

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Thank you so much for your ongoing business with Mannatech! We greatly appreciate your loyalty and want you to be the first to know that one of our products will soon be temporarily unavailable.

The supply chain bottlenecks straining the global economy are having a ripple effect on the health and wellness industry, Mannatech included. Due to raw material issues with fish oil, we are currently facing a delay in replenishing Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 (SKU 16611), which is due to go on backorder this week.  Currently, we are unable to provide an estimated back-in-stock date.  Please know that this shortage is also affects the US Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 (SKU 16601), which is already on active backorder.

Please note that the following Canadian bundles will be affected:

– 54411 Core Nutrition

– 40911 Advanced Ambrotose® & Omega-3 with Vitamin D3

– 41211 Ambrotose® Complex Omega-3 with Vitamin D3

– 50811 Your Health

We certainly understand how frustrating it can when a product is back ordered, but we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to resolve this issue.

Please contact Customer Care with any questions at one of the phone numbers below:

  • English (866) 717-2175
  • Chinese (866) 266-9812

As always, know we are here to help and support you.

美泰鱼油维生素 D3 胶囊延迟发货


全球经济面临的供应链瓶颈正在对包括美泰在内的养生保健行业产生连锁反应。由于鱼油的原材料出现问题,美泰鱼油维生素 D3 胶囊 (SKU 16611) 当前面临补货延迟,因此本周将继续延期发货。  当前,我们尚无法预估到货时间。  同时还请您理解,本次供应短缺也会影响本已延期发货的美国美泰鱼油维生素 D3 胶囊 (SKU 16601)


– 54411 核心营养

– 40911 美泰加强型醣质营养素胶囊和美泰鱼油维生素 D3 胶囊

– 41211 美泰经典型醣质营养素和美泰鱼油维生素 D3 胶囊

– 50811 您的健康



  • 英语 (866) 717-2175
  • 中文 (866) 266-9812