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When we think of nourishing ourselves and our family, we typically think of the food we eat. We know that good nutrition is important to our health, so we do our best to make sure our meals are made up of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

What you may not realize is that there are other ways to nourish yourself and your family—but they’re often overlooked. Our bodies need healthy exercise just as much as they need healthy food.

When we’re outside, we expose our bodies to vitamin D-producing sunlight, to fresh air and to beautiful natural settings. It’s not just about feeling better physically; it’s about feeling more connected with yourself and others—and that makes all the difference for your mental state as well as your physical health!

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Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Protein

The history of amino acids dates back to the 19th century, when French chemists isolated the first amino acid from asparagus. The discovery of amino acids stimulated the scientific community to search for more of these compounds.

In the mid-1950s, scientists studying the relationship between proteins and genes concluded that 20 amino acids, known as standard or common amino acids, should be considered the basic building blocks of all proteins that make up all life.1

Get Your BCAAs
If you’re a person who exercises, then you know that BCAAs are an important component of sports supplements like EMPACT+ performance drink mix. But what are they exactly, and why do they matter?

BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) consist of three amino acids: leucine, valine and isoleucine. These three essential amino acids can’t be produced by our bodies—they have to come from our diet.

The body uses BCAAs as a source of energy during times of intense physical activity. This is because BCAAs are absorbed quickly by the body and broken down into glucose more quickly than other types of protein. They are a great addition to any sports nutrition plan because, in the right amount and frequency, they can promote muscle growth and aid in recovery efforts.*


Because it provides replenishing electrolytes and BCAAs to help you recover faster.*

EMPACT+ slimsticks are your optimal go-to drink mix for supplying the electrolytes essential to supporting your daily health!* This tasty, pineapple-orange-flavored drink mix is a powerful addition to your active lifestyle. Dehydration is all too common, especially while outdoors. EMPACT+ provides a healthy balance of replenishing electrolytes along with safe energy, vital nutrients and BCAAs that help maintain and support the development and rebuilding of muscle tissue.*

EMPACT+ also includes Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom extract), which studies show can increase energy production and help reduce recovery periods after extreme exertion.*2

Turmeric’s Rich Wellness History

Long before turmeric became the warm spice in your favorite curry dish, it was revered for centuries in the Indian culture as a staple in Ayurveda, a traditional holistic Indian health practice.

Turmeric grows in abundance in India in all its beautiful forms of color and aromatic fragrance. Its main active ingredient — curcumin—is a nourishing antioxidant that also gives turmeric it’s glowing, deliciously golden, rich hue.3

What’s not so known about turmeric is its effectiveness in helping the body soothe joints and muscles — a big reason why it’s the anchor ingredient in BounceBack capsules.*

Why BounceBack?

Because we all need a little joint and cartilage health support to help us feel our best.

What makes BounceBack capsules such a fantastic product is the daily nourishment and health support they provide for the future backed by the care needed for today.* By breaking down the proteins our bodies produce after we use our muscles, addressing the oxidative stress that occurs naturally when we exert our bodies and providing the right care for optimal joint and cartilage health, you can recover quickly and, most importantly, help keep your body at its healthiest.*


Chromium’s Holistic Role in the Recovery Process*

Staying active is essential for staying healthy. In fact, our bodies crave it. What our bodies don’t crave are the crashes that can happen when our blood sugar gets out of whack after a workout, and the much-needed recovery as a result.

SPORT capsules include a special blend of herbs and herbal extracts, including chromium picolinate, an essential trace mineral with a long history in holistic practice in providing amazing natural results in the recovery process.* This mineral plays a crucial role in helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels, in providing energy and performance support to keep you going and in aiding recovery after a workout.*

While chromium picolinate is considered to be one of the most important micronutrients, exercise can deplete our bodies of this essential mineral.3 It can also be difficult to obtain a healthy amount in your daily diet because whole grains, nuts and green beans provide very small amounts of it. This is why supplementation is crucial in helping your body get the chromium it needs.*



Because we all could use some energy and performance support before hitting the gym.*

SPORT capsules are a special blend of key herbal ingredients that naturally support an active lifestyle on multiple targeted levels.* They provide cellular support designed to help promote energy and performance needed for physical activity, which is key to helping support a healthy body composition.*

They also provide essential nutrients to support healthy carbohydrate utilization and to help maintain normal blood sugars so you can stay active during and after the gym.* Adding SPORT to your active lifestyle regimen can help you live your best life!*

The Storied History of Aloe Vera

It’s no secret that Aloe vera has many uses—and we all know how good it feels when we apply it to our skin. But did you know that Aloe has also been used for centuries in traditional health practices?

The ancient Egyptians called it “the plant of immortality” because of its ability to promote healing. Native Americans used it for small wound healing and dubbed it “Wand of the Heavens.”4

Aloe vera has a naturally cooling effect that helps relieve discomfort from skin irritation. Soothing Aloe gel glides on with a thick, protective layer, helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier while easing the discomfort from irritated skin. Today’s modern scientific studies continue to show Aloe’s effectiveness in soothing minor skin discomforts… the list goes on!


Why Emprizone?

Because your skin deserves year-round aloe protection from the elements and the inevitable scrapes of life.

This Costa Rican Aloe vera-infused hydration formula was designed with you and your family in mind. Our water-based Emprizone gel, enriched with Aloe vera extract and vitamins E and A, hydrates and provides comfort to skin while creating a protective barrier.

Whether you’re looking for an Aloe-based solution for the inevitable scrapes, minor burns, waxing, minor nicks and cuts post shaving, after-sun exposure and other skin issues that come with summer—or you’re looking for something to help soothe dry, wind-chapped skin in winter, Emprizone has you and your family’s back all year round!

Stay Active. Stay Healthy. Stay Outdoors.

For support to stay active outdoors, add our NEW Active Outdoors Bundle to your Monthly Subscription today!*

Mission 5 Million FoundationA healthy blend of vitamins and minerals is important for children everywhere. However, many of the foods being given to those in underdeveloped countries are not meeting the minimum nutritional criteria. Your participation in the M5M program makes it possible for us and our partners to provide nutrients to enrich the lives of children all over the world.