Start with Why, by Simon Sinek

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Golden Circle

In his book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek looks at the most important thing Leaders can do. That is, to figure out WHY their organization exists and WHY that should be meaningful to their customers. When the WHY is understood and you really believe it in your heart, then your WHAT and HOW become so much easier. Share those beliefs and values with your customers, and they’ll feel confident doing business with you.

The book explains the Golden Circle concept (right), how Leaders must encourage action from customers through inspiration, never manipulation. Sinek explains that trust is built when we seek customers who understand and believe in our WHY. When we sound authentic, it builds loyalty. Many organizations start from the inside out, mistaking WHAT they achieve as their final destination. Inspired leaders start with their WHY.

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you did it.” – Simon Sinek

Now let’s take a look at our particular business. The first and most important step is to lay your foundation — our WHY. When we begin to analyze the importance of the 3 Powers, we see that the Power of Unity explains that the more people who embrace your vision and beliefs, the more unified you will be, and the more significant your results will be.

The Power of the Spoken Word plays a big part here too. What are you saying about yourself and your business? Sinek talks about The Celery Test. Imagine you’re checking out at the grocery store. Your goal is to eat healthier, but in your cart are M & M’s, Oreo cookies, rice milk and celery. Now filter your choices through your WHY. Will your decision in purchasing the M & M’s and cookies put you off balance in reaching your goals? Sure will! And, when people look in your cart, they can see what you believe. You’ve communicated your WHY based on what you did! As a leader, you create that environment. Do you pass the Celery Test?

In his book, Sinek says that WHY people need HOW people. HOW people are realists and tend to focus on the route (the mission). WHY people are visionaries who have their eyes set on the future. The Three Point Plan emphasizes the importance of building a business of people. It takes group structure, developing yourself and group relations to make the plan work. It’s all about sharing stories and building trust. Success in business requires teamwork.

Today, find your WHY and believe in it, then watch everything else fall into place. Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve!

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