Ūth™ Face-Off Contest – Round Two

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Ūth Face-Off Contest – Round Two

This is the second post on the rankings. Our Ūth Skin Crème champions have been working very hard sharing Ūth Skin Crème with the world. Not only that, but they have been having fun while taking the challenge seriously. The second round of the contest ends at the close of BP10 (September 26, 2014), but we thought we would give you a preview of the standings as of September 8. Listed below are the top 25 Associates (in no particular order), in each of the two components – Top Sales Awards and Top Pack Sales Awards.

Top Sales:     

US Ik Hwan Son
US Tony & Heather Gendvilas
US Jean Nelson
US Cindy Osbrink
US Dana Hinds
CA Kerun Zhu
US Shaheda Begam
US Mihye Kim
CA Ronald Fisher
US Rodney Fleetwood
US Elizabeth Avila
US Jeff Copper
US Lily Chen
US Dr. Byeongho Yoon
US Kelly Rainey
US Richard & Priscilla Hundley
CA Kristi Kozel
CA Kaylin Tang
CA Willowpark Hairstyling Ltd
US Sandra Mendoza
US Bethany Hayes
US Carmen Ramirez
US Silence Weeks
US Lillian Cartagena-Mercado
US Fred L McGilvrey


Champion Packs Sales:

US Cindy Osbrink
US Dana Hinds
US Mihye Kim
US Rodney Fleetwood
US Jeff Copper
US Silence Weeks
US Ben/Linda Franklin
US Fang Liu
US Ron & Paulette Roy
CA chiao en hung
CA Alma Jean Peters
US Wellness Partners, LP
US Kay Kyung
US Xiaobing Lin
US Hwa Young Kim
US Top Gun-Rei
US Carrie Sallee
US Cynthia J Wiens
US Barbara Applegate
US James Macie
US Joyce Oliveto
US Janice Bailey
US Shawn Schaefer
US David Easling



The top two Qualified Associates from each group (having met the Individual Dollar Threshold),

… with the highest Qualified Ūth Product unit sales from personally enrolled Associates and Members in Member-legs directly under their respective Associate position, AND who sell the most Champion Packs (qualified packs are listed in the official rules) to personally enrolled Associates, shall receive:

  • 3-day, 2-night getaway to Dallas, Texas at a designated time
  • 2 round-trip airfares (not to exceed $1000 total)
  • Hotel accommodations as provided by Mannatech
  • Ground transportation between the airport and hotel
  • $300 hotel credit and $300 spa credit
  • Video produced by Mannatech telling your Ūth story
  • Tour of Ūth manufacturing facility

Standings will be posted weekly. Will you be part of the next round of Ūth contenders in the Face-Off contest? For full contest details, please visit the Mannatech Resource Library at http://library.mannatech.com/6344.

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