Ūth™ Skin Crème Hits the Big Apple

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September 8-12 was Fashion Week in New York City – a time when big-name designers showcase their upcoming lines for the next spring season, and celebrities are found both on and off runways, mingling with excited beauty and fashion journalists and bloggers who plan to report on the hottest items everyone will want. This year, the crowd included one of our very own – Mannatech President Al Bala.

With the recent advance of Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème in the public’s eye, Al further launched the revolutionary new skincare product in an even greater market by representing and promoting Ūth in New York City. On Tuesday, September 9, Ūth Skin Crème was a key sponsor for a dinner party hosted by AnOther Magazine, featuring special-guest supermodel Naomi Campbell and other celebrities and fashion icons. Be sure to pick up the Spring/Summer 2015 edition to see photos from the dinner party.

The party wasn’t the only attention Ūth Skin Crème received in the Big Apple. The following day, Al was interviewed by several reporters from media including Cosmopolitan Magazine and hollywoodlife.com. Journalists were greatly impressed by the fast-acting and natural benefits Ūth Skin Crème had to offer. To be pursued and featured by such reputable fashion and beauty sources is a groundbreaking victory for Ūth Skin Crème. But it’s no wonder why such a beauty-driven market as New York City would be so hungry for this incredible product. Al himself said that he truly believes we have uncovered a “billion-dollar brand.” Stay tuned as Ūth Skin Crème continues to shine in the news and around the world!

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