Aloe Vera—The Foundation of Mannatech

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The story of classic Ambrotose® complex does not begin in a lab, under a microscope. It begins at the center of mankind’s creation with an ancient plant called aloe vera. Aloe vera has continuously appeared throughout history—from biblical times to ancient Egypt to Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. Even Columbus and Marco Polo made mention of the “magical” properties of aloe in their world travels, as nomads and explorers took this hearty plant from Africa and shared it with the world. So began this epic story. For centuries, this plant’s unique properties remained a secret. The mystique behind aloe vera begins with its very appearance. Though it appears to be a cactus, the aloe plant is actually part of the lily family. More than 200 varieties of the aloe plant have been classified. But there is only one true aloe vera (appropriately named since vera in Latin means “true”). But the uniqueness of aloe vera is not confined to ancient history alone. The invention of modern technologies, such as the X-ray, brought about a renewed interest in this plant’s amazing abilities to support the healing of topical wounds and radiation burns. This led to an explosion of research that answers the question: What makes aloe vera so potent? Its ancient secret was about to be discovered. This eventually led to the creation of Mannatech’s Ambrotose complex.

What makes Mannatech’s aloe better than others?

Mannatech’s aloe comes from NaturAloe, an agricultural company in Costa Rica. This company was chosen for its advanced technology, as well as Costa Rica’s volcanic soils, which are very nutrient dense. The processing facility is modern, clean and efficient. The aloe vera leaves are harvested and processed all within the same day and are shipped immediately to the factory. Within 12 to 24 hours, it is completely processed; the aloe doesn’t have time to degrade. The care that NaturAloe puts into harvesting, cleaning and processing the aloe is second to none. They even have a zero carbon footprint—no damage is done to the environment during the processing. “It’s who we want to be associated with. We want the product to perform consistently and safely for our consumers, every time.” Dr. Rob Sinnott

What is Manapol?

Manapol is a stabilized powder that contains all of the active characteristics of acetylated mannans, or carbohydrates, found in fresh aloe vera gel. The fragile component of aloe is the acetylated mannans (or ace mannans), critical to Mannatech’s products. The process of acetylation allows compounds to be readily available in the body and it provides the best benefits. Aloe is very fragile, difficult to preserve and starts to break down when exposed to air, oxygen and light. So, it has to be processed very quickly. Our proprietary extraction method provides a high concentration of polysaccharides rich in the mannose which is an important glyconutrient believed to be responsible for the immunologic health benefits associated with aloe vera gel. The aloe grown organically in Costa Rica, and the ace mannan content, is extremely high. Take a closer look at the aloe vera plant and the way Manapol is processed. Watch this video:

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