Best-Selling Author, Paul Zane Pilzer, to Speak at MannaFest

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Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned economist, a social entrepreneur and the author of nine best-selling books. Two of his books, The Next Millionaires and The New Wellness Revolution, are discussed briefly below. The predictions Pilzer makes about how the U.S. economy is changing are spot on!

These are great reads to further your business goals, and change the way you think about the economy and health care. Mannatech is fortunate to have Paul Zane Pilzer speak at MannaFest 2015.  Register now and don’t miss his incredible presentation!

The Next Millionaires is about the next industries. Pilzer suggests that our greatest resource is our thinking, and because of our creativity, we will never run out of resources. Learn how to capitalize on the Internet. Learn why the technology gap is where you’ll find the greatest economic potential. Learn how entrepreneurs have the competitive edge and why direct selling has become the wealth-creation vehicle of choice for millions.

“Your work is defined by your skills and how well you keep pace with the dizzying rate of technological advance.” – Paul Zane Pilzer

In The New Wellness Revolution, a revolution is described as a sudden, radical change; a fundamental change in the way of thinking or visualizing something. This is a compelling read for anyone serious about health. Pilzer talks about the truth behind the industries that have a massive influence on the health of billions. Pilzer predicts the directions in our economy, instructing us on how to capitalize on the swing away from health care into wellness. He also brings up some very good ideas for business opportunities — closing each chapter with an Action Plan for Entrepreneurs.

Read these books and learn how to create a strong financial situation for yourself. 

More importantly, learn where to invest your dream!

Come and listen to Paul Zane Pilzer, only at MannaFest 2015!

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